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The Therian-Chapter Ten

""No, he's an Alpha, not a president. Besides, I have a feeling he'd happily make time for you.""
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Published 1 year ago

Two days had gone by. In a matter of hours, the third day would be gone. She blinked in surprise as she double checked her cell phone. She wasn't even aware that much time had gone by. She'd spent the entire time curled up in a ball of tears and self-pity. 

She felt gross like she definitely needed a shower, but she also felt clarity. Klaus and Damon would be coming for an answer soon. She looked down at her worn and wrinkled clothes. The same ones she'd borrowed from Amara. Suddenly disgusted with herself, she peeled them off and threw them in a corner, making a dash to the shower and turning the water to hot. 


"I don't believe she's done anything but mourn. I know not whether a decision was ever made." He watched Damien's face carefully, smirking when the Alpha's eyes didn't leave the little half blood's bedroom window, as they hadn't for the past three days. He had suspected the ancient alpha had a soft spot for Lily. Good. It was about damn time. 

"She must answer tonight." Damien's voice was gruff. "She must be initiated tonight." 

"Does she actually have a choice?" questioned Klaus, still smirking, an expression he hid when Damien's piercing gaze fell on him. 

"Of course," Damien stated. Then his eyes went back to the woman's window. Right, Klaus thought, and who are you trying to convince me or you? Damien tensed at the same time Klaus did. Movement. They'd both heard it at the same time. The light went on and she walked past the window, still, in the same clothing, she'd been wearing. Klaus sighed. 

"I give her ten minutes, then I'm bringing her out here." 

"Agreed," Damien murmured, voice pensive. 


She felt a million times better after her nice hot shower. She'd pulled on some boy shorts and was just donning a tank top when her bedroom door burst open and in came Klaus. 

"What the shit!" she yelped, jumping a few feet backward, alarm running through her system. Klaus grinned at her, flushing slightly in embarrassment when he took her in. 

"No one heard from you?" He shrugged. 

"So you shock and awe my door!" she yelled. He grinned mischievously at her and she couldn't help but forgive him right there. "Stop it with the dumb grin," she grumped. 

"I'm glad to see you showered. I wasn't looking forward to the smell if you hadn't." She didn't even want to ask how he knew she hadn't showered the whole time. If she had to guess he'd probably been watching over her. 

"So, I guess you're here for my answer then?" He nodded. 

"Damien is waiting outside. I was going to bring you to him." 

"Kicking and screaming by the look of things." She gestured to her ruined door. "You are fixing my door by the way." She shrugged and grinned. 

"No problem. Shall we?" She rolled her eyes, put on some flip flops and followed him into the backyard, whose fence had in fact, not kept out the wolves. As she walked towards Damien, looking forbidding and dark under the full moon she realized for the first time, just how attractive he really was. 

The mist was beginning to rise playing over the ground. Behind him in the forest line were many wolves. Dozens of iridescent eyes staring from the gloom. There was something otherworldly about the whole scene. 

"I'm sorry," she murmured. Damien blinked, his eyes had been taking her outfit in. Were they prudes here or something? She was fully covered except her legs and arms. 

"For?" His voice was gruff sounding but lacked any menace. 

"I blamed you for all of this and none of it was your fault. I wanted to apologize for that. It was a judgment you didn't deserve." He cocked his head and nodded at her. 

"I accept your apology little one. Do you understand that accepting the pack means that you must follow me as your Alpha and leader? You will be subscribing to a set of laws outside humanity's laws. This commitment is for life, and in order to become pack you must submit to my teeth." She thought that over for a long moment. 

"Does that mean you're going to bite me?" She wondered. Damien tensed up a bit and Klaus chuckled. What was funny? That was a pertinent freaking question. She'd seen Damien's teeth. 

"Yes, it does," Damien answered. "Knowing all of this, do you accept the pack? You will not be asked again."

"I accept the pack," she stated. Damien moved forward, getting in her space until they stood as close as lovers. She felt flush at the thought. She'd not really considered Damien in that way before. When had she had time to? But he smelled so good and he looked so appealing. 

He cupped her cheek in his hand and that strange warmth filled her. "Submit," he growled the word and she went limp in his arms, her head falling limp into his hand. His arm went around her waist to support her, and his teeth sank into her neck, marking her as one of his pack. 

As soon as his teeth withdrew, so did the warmth, and she stumbled a bit. He helped her stay upright as the onslaught came. Suddenly the minds of dozens of people became one with her and she felt her connection to them all forming like a spider's web through the ether of the night. Then the cacophony dimmed as her mind began to naturally form shields against the noise. Once that happened she was able to stand on her own. 

"Wow," she murmured, shaking her head as if trying to clear water from her ear. There was howling in the forest, and Damon was already walking away from her, his fists clenched. What was that about? "Klaus is it always that intense?"

"Not usually," Klaus stated, looking very smug about something. "You did very well, never doubt it."

"Are you sure? Damien seems a little... Standoffish?" 

"That's Damien for you. Not to worry, I'm sure you can soften him up over time." She flushed bright red, thankful it was night time. 

"What makes you think I want to?" Klaus nudged her arm. 

"Does the bite hurt?" he asked. 

"No, actually. Should it?"

"Yes. It should hurt like hell. Mine did."

"What does that mean?" 

"I think you may be Damien's mate. It's hard to tell for sure of course, as you're a halfie. But I saw how you looked at him, and he's been uncharacteristically gentle with you so far. I say if you want him, go for it. But only if you're serious."

"It's not serious right now. I just realized he's very attractive is all."

"You didn't notice before?" Klaus raised an eyebrow at her. 

"In my defense, there was some traumatic stuff happening at the time. His attractiveness was not high on the list of things to notice." She shrugged. "I can't help that I only just realized." 

"I'll never understand you, females. By the way, you may end up getting visits from the single females of the pack. You've seen the outside world so naturally they will want to know everything and will bother you if you don't relent and simply tell them. Also, you will have Amara over, to teach you pack basics and laws. You'll want to learn them fast, believe me."

"Will I... Will I be able to turn into a wolf now?" she wondered. Klaus shrugged. 

"In some half breeds, the gene is strong enough that an Alpha can bring the wolf spirit forward enough that it works. In some cases not so much. You would need to ask Damon."

"Can you do that, just ask Damien things?"

"Of course, what do you mean?" 

"I mean you don't have to make an appointment or something?" Klaus chuckled at her. 

"No, he's an Alpha, not a president. Besides, I have a feeling he'd happily make time for you." 

"I think you're nuts." She smirked. 

"I think you're brave. That apology took guts. Accepting the pack took guts. I'm glad you did. How do you feel?" Klaus asked. 

Lily though hard for a moment, searching her soul and for once, she realized it didn't feel like there was something crucial missing. 

"Like I'm not alone." 



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