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Amber Part 11

Bruce stayed with Amber until Sunday afternoon and neither one could remember a more enjoyable time. They watched TV, played cards and of course made love. They also talked and shared personal hopes, joys and sadness with each other.

This weekend signaled a change in their status and both wondered what the future had in store for them, neither thought it would go this far. Monday arrived at it signaled new school and work week for Bruce.

Bruce worked Wednesday through Saturday at the Touch of Sicily restaurant and pizzeria since his junior high school days. The original owner had retired about one year after Bruce had been hired and sold the business to a gentleman that already had a few thriving businesses. The new owner had purchased the place for his son to give his a start after he finished school.

His son however had no desire to run a restaurant as he had other plans. So between the staff, his wife and daughters they kept the place humming. Since the owner was also the CEO of a major hotel chain he wasn't around much but his wife and daughters were and they became instant friends the moment they met him.

It was the week of Thanksgiving that Santino, the bosses son, showed up as his university was on break. He greeted his Mom and Sister and then headed straight to the kitchen and forcefully pushed his way through the swinging doors.

"Yo Brucie," he said in his loud Jersey accent.

"Yo Sonny," Bruce responded in the same kind of voice.

The two men gave each other hugs. They had been friends since the day his Dad purchased the place and remained friends.

"So, how's college life?" Bruce asked as he loaded dirty dishes in the machine.

"Its all good. So hows by you?"

"About the same," Bruce answered as he started the machine.

"A little birdie told me that you're seeing this drop dead hottie," Sonny stated.

'Yeah kinda."

"Just how hot is she?"

"You remember the actress that played Marsha on the Brady Bunch?"


"About ten time hotter than that."

"Dammm. The same little birdie also says that she is only sixteen and has one in the oven? Is it yours?"

"Yeah she is pregnant and no it's not mine."

"So wadda doing with her?"

"We're friends that's all," Bruce responded as he placed the clean dishes into the cart.

"Man if I was you I'd be tapping that thing every chance I had cause it aint gonna last forever," Sonny responded lighting up a cigarette.

Bruce gave him a look and was about to respond when his Mother came into the kitchen and looked around.

"You clean a alla the dishes?" she asked making her slight accent even more obvious.

"Mom stop that, its embarrassing," Sonny said.

"Madre Dio. Now my little bambino is gonna his poor mama how to talk," she said in a dramatically charged voice placing her hand over her heart.

Bruce laughed out loud and she turned on him.

"You think thats a funny?" she questioned.

"Si," he answered.

She responded with a string of Sicilian phrases and he responded back in her language.

"Mam Mia, where you learn a such a nasty words?" she questioned.

"From you of course."

"Whatever you do don't repeat them in front of my husband," she cautioned.

She then told Bruce to take a break and since the restaurant was quiet he and Sonny took a table closest to the kitchen door.

"Sonny, what did you mean while it lasts with Amber?" Bruce questioned.

"Is that her name?"


"Pretty name. If she aint all over you now she will be, but once that kid is popped out, sex will be the last thing on her mind. If you think she acts crazy now you ain't seen shit yet."

"Is that what you meant by while it lasts?" Bruce questioned.

"Partially. Lets say for arguments sake that you two are still hanging out together after she gives birth. At that age it wont take long for her body to snap back to its original shape, if she is really body conscious and works out."

"Go on," Bruce said with a worried look as Amber told him about her intense workouts.

"If she has college on her mind and starts to attend even part time she will meet men, a lot of men and if she is as hot as they say she is they are gonna hit on her. What if she likes a few enough to accept a date. Ya know where that will leave you? Home babysitting."

"Sonny, she ain't like that," Bruce responded.

"Ok then look at it this way. You'll be twenty one in three years and you have no clue on the number of attractive ladies that are out there looking for a nice guy like you."

"Yeah right, like I am having so much luck now," Bruce responded scarcasticly.

"Funny things happen after you graduate and are away from all that high school bullshit, a person gets a little more confident and ladies like that. Hell, I happen to know that my sister Gina would love to go out with you."

"Really," Bruce responded eyeing the stunning dark haired beauty at the counter.

"Of course if you toucha my sister I breaka your face," Sonny added with the same heavy Italian accent his Mom had used.

"Ya gotta catcha me first, " Bruce responded and both men laughed out loud.

At 11:00 pm they began the process of shutting the place down. Bruce had just finished closing the kitchen up and was about to push through the doors when Gina pushed her way inside and pushed him back.

Gina was a stunning dark eyed brunette. Her long silky hair went to almost the small of her back and her shape was beyond belief. Like him she had just recently turned eighteeen.

"What kind of crap were youand my brother talking about?" she questioned.

"Nothing special," Bruce responded having trouble looking into her face.

"I saw you looking over at me."

"We were just looking around, watching the customers."

"And to make sure no one crept up within earshot?"

"No," Bruce responded feeling a little uncomfortable as she inched closer to him.

"Did he tell you that I think you're really nice and that I'd like to go out with you?" Gina asked stepping in a little closer.

"Yeah," Bruce responded his cheeks reddening.

"Well he's right," she answered.

She then stepped in even closer then wrapped her arms around his shoulders and placed her lips on his and gave him a quick passionate kiss before she disappeared back into the dining room.

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