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Friends Stories


Sometimes, it’s just people you know. Remembering a face or a name. You wouldn’t call them a friend though. The connection just isn’t the same.   Sometimes, people surprise you. Closeness will develop over time. Family or friend, someone you knew. Maybe l...

Scamp's Adventure #5 Easter at the Farm

Easter on the farm what fun to be had

It was Easter Sunday on the farm...Scamp, the monkey, and her friends were very excited. They loved the holidays. They were excited about the plans for the day .Miss Emily had every animal a basket filled with goodies that they loved. She opened the front...

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I have a friend who I miss very much; Over the years we’ve kept in touch. I phoned each time I came into town, We’d meet to catch up and share the lowdown. A high school friend, what more can there be? Alas, he never thinks about contacting me. So while I...


A few thoughts about relationships.

Each moment we spend together Always means so much Reality showing that shared time Loving affection and heartfelt communication Are a most precious gift.   But what about when things fall apart When actions don’t match words And long silences grow obviou...

My Best Friend

Friends are forever

Miles apart  The distance never stops the giggling You make me laugh  We enjoy the same silly things  We like the same music  Oh my lord you get my sense of humor  Silly little things  There is a bond that  Is stronger than most  Who would have thought  T...

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 10, Moonlight and Revelations

This could be her last chance to, well, to do something to get Mark’s mind off Bebe.

 The phone wouldn't stop ringing. Amy, sitting at the table on the other side of the kitchen, eating a bologna-on-white-with-mayonnaise sandwich and heading into what she sensed would be one of the   steamier parts of,"The Carpetbaggers," tried to ignore...