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Amber Part 12

As Bruce drove home he still could not believe what had happened. He had just been hugged and kissed by Gina Giambucci, the bosses daughter. It was not a normal kiss, it was a brief yet passionate fillled tongue kiss.

The hug was a strong one and you could not have slipped a piece of paper between their bodies.He could still smell her exotic perfume and feel her silky arms around his shoulders. He was so caught up in the memory that he almost drove off the road twice.

It was a little after midnight when he pulled into the driveway of his parents house. He went to his room where he stripped of his work clothes as he moved dropping them on the floor as he made his way to the desk top computer.

He placed the headset on as he logged into one of his favorite chat sites to see if any of his friends were on, he needed to concentrate on somthing other than the events of the evening. No one was on and he was about to log off when he received a message, it was a chat request from Amber.

He clicked the accept button and waited. He received a second message requesting a web cam live live chat and he accepted but not before throwing his robe on. Soon he heard Ambers voice in the headset and her beautiful face on the screen.

"Good evening, sweetheart," she started.

"Hey. What are you still doing up?

"I couldn't sleep. You just get home?"


"I thought you all went to breakfast after work?

"That's only on Saturdays."

"You're not very talkative tnight. You feeling all right?" she asked.

"Got a lot on my mind plus I'm just tired."

"OK then, get some sleep"

"Thanks, I will."

"Good night, Bruce." she said and blew him a kiss.

"Good night, Amber," he responded before the connection was severed.

Bruce crawled into bed and was soon fast asleep, then the dreams started. He saw himself in Amber's bedroom again and saw her under the covers. However when he crawled into bed next to her and turned her on her side to face him it wasn't Amber, it was Gina. It woke him out of a sound sleep in a sweat. He headed to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face.

"What is wrong with you?" he asked his reflection in the bathroom mirror. "I know at least a dozen guys that are dating a special lady, but still manage to score with some stranger if the oppertunity presents itself, yet some little hottie kisses you and it gives you bad dreams and besides Amber isn't really your girlfriend."

Bruce finally managed to fall asleep, but he had strange dreams all night. It was now Tuesday and like the colleges the high school was also on break. Bruce had been asked by his boss do the opening duties which meant he had to be there at 10:00 am. He agreed and was given the door and alarm key.

Feeling like he had been run over by a train Bruce struggled to wake up and get moving. He made his normal stop at the doughnut shop so he and the other girls could have coffee and doughnuts before they opened the doors. Once inside he started the opening duties, he had done them so many times they were like second nature.
The coffee machine had just finished filling the pot when he heard the doorbell ring. Maybe Darlene and Jan, the counter girl and waitress were starting early too. No it wasn't them, it was Gina.

He opened the door and let her in, she was ladened down with numerous bags.

"What's all this? he asked.

"Thanksgiving decorations, Momma's idea," she responded handing Bruce a portion of the bags to carry inside.

Bruce could not take his eyes off her as she looked great. Her silky black t- shirt was tight across her chest and her jeans were even tighter.

"Fresh coffee?" she asked.

"Yeah and doughnuts too ,"he responded forcing himself not to stare.

"Let's decorate first and wait for Jan and Darlene to get here."

The packages were unwrapped and decorations were placed on all the tables and the window clings were placed on the doors and windows. Gina made small talk but that was it and Bruce was relieved. Maybe last night was a one time thing.

As opening time grew closer Bruce made an inventory of what was needed up front in the form of dough and toppings. He refilled all the containers of toppings and placed them in their racks. Gina was hanging the long banner that read Happy Thanksgiving along the front and sides of the long L shaped counter.

She came around behind were Bruce was working and placed standing decorations at the corners by the support posts.

Coming through," he heard her say and backed up to give her room to get past him.

As Gina cut in front of him she slowed her pace allowing her butt to rub against the front of his jeans before she moved on down the counter, Bruce was in a sweat. She finished the decorations and came behind the counter again.

"Where you at?" she asked in a business tone.

"Just filled the cheese and pepperoni."

"I'll start on the olives and sasuage."

The radio he had turned on when her arrived played rock music and he was hypnotized at the way she swayed to the music. He had just filled the crushed red pepper shaker and couldn't find where he had placed the lid, he saw it on the other side of where Gina was working.

"Hand me that shaker lid," he asked pointing to it.

"My hands are full of sasuage," she responded.

"Well then move your tits out of my way," he said jokingly as he reached for it.

Gina stepped back away from the counter as Bruce began to extend his arm to reach for the lid.His arm was almost fully extended when Gina stepped forward so the lenght of his arm brushed the front of her breasts as he reached for it. She remained there so his arm brushed her front again as he retracted his arm with the lid.

When Gina went to the sink by the steam tables to wash her hands Bruce headed downstairs to check the mens room.

"This is going to be a long morning," he said to himself.

When he exited the washroom he found Gina standing in the hall. She once again slowly approached him and wrapped her arms around him as she placed her lips on his. As they kissed she rubbed the front of her jeans against his. It was Bruce that gently pushed her away.

"Gina, I can't do this."

"Why? Because I'm the bosses daughter?"

"No, because I am kind of seeing someone."

"I won't tell if you won't."

Before he could respond the doorbell rang and Bruce flew up the stairs to answer it.

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