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Amber Part 17

Thanksgiving day had finally arrived and both families rose early and enjoyed a long breakfast and discussed the days coming events and the turkeys were placed in the ovens.

After breakfast, Mr. Conway allowed his girls to use the shower first as he dug out the table leaf so the dining room table could be expanded and seat eight. Mr. Cranston was performing the same task at his house.

Later as Amber was in her room getting ready to blow dry her hair, Allison knocked on her door and when she entered Amber's mouth hung open at the outfit her Sister had chosen to wear. It consisted of a skin tight black mini-skirt, a rust colored silk shirt, black pantyhose and heels.

"You're not going to wear that are you? Mom and Dad will freak,"she stated still in shock.

"Let them. I am not going to put up with the guests staring at you," was her Sister's response.

"I don't know what to wear."

"Wear what you wore on your date."

"Might as well as it will probably be the last time as I am getting too big, " she responded as she gently rubbed her stomach.

By Noon the guests started arriving at the Conway's residence. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers who had been unaware of Amber's condition all kissed and hugged her. Her Aunts and Uncles were only momentarily shocked and soon offeres from the supply of baby items they had kept were extended. Her female cousins squealed with joy as they hugged her and her male cousins just stared.

These boys were old enough to start noticing girls so both Amber and her sister decided to make sure that one hand always went to the back of their skirts to hold then flat against the backs of their legs to foil any attempts at peeking under their skirts when they leaned forward.

The attached garage was the official smoking section and a heater had been set up to keep those that indulged warm. Against her parents wishes, Amber spent a lot of time out there talking with her family as the smell of cigarette smoke didn't bother her. Besides her Aunts and Uncles were always good conversationalists. 

Dressed in dress slacks and a polo shirt, Bruce helped his Mom and Dad finish setting the table and placing some pre dinner snacks on the sideboard. The enclosed patio was their designated smoking section and Bruce insured there were ashtrays and that the heater was on. All that was left was waiting for the guests to arrive.

Back at Amber's house she noticed that her Uncle Frank had been knocking back drinks at a steady pace which was not unusual for him, but she also noticed the lewd looks he was throwing at her and her sister. His eyes stared at their cleavages whenever one of them bent over and he stared at their legs whenever one of them walked past him.

The turkey was carved at about 1:00 PM and all ate their fill. As soon as they were finished Uncle Frank was back hitting the booze.

At around 2:30 pm Bruce called Amber and let her know he was heading her way. He arrived and was introduced to all. They went to the basement to look for her Dad, but only found Uncle Frank, she asked Bruce to wait there.

"So, are you the one that popped my Nieces cherry?" he asked and the bourbon smell on his breath was over powering.

"No sir," Bruce answered feeling uncomfortable at such a question from one of her relatives.

"Really? You weren't the one she let in between those silky thighs?"

"No sir," Bruce responded again and he stood to leave.

"Ya know I always thought that Ally would be the one to get pregnant first, she was a bit of a whore in her teens. Where you going, I ain't done talking to you? he growled.

"I'm done talking," Bruce said simply.

Amber was standing halfway down the stairs. She had stopped when she heard the conversation before she then turned and headed back upstairs.

"Ya fuckin punk, I bet it was you that she banged. So tell me did she moan when ya put it to her?" he growled again and his face was turning red.

"Mister, you got a big mouth," Bruce responded but stood his ground.

"So why don't ya try and shut it for me?" Uncle Frank stood up swaying a bit.

When Bruce didn't move Uncle Frank took a step in. Bruce raised his hand in a defensive posture and suddenly a silk covered arm gently pushed him back and Allison stepped in between them. Her face was angry and her hands were also raised and the muscles of her arms bulged against the fabric.

"Excuse me Bruce, but this is my dance. Come on Uncle Frank, make your move," she said in a low voice.

Uncle Frank was a bully, loud and drunk, but he wasn't stupid. So he had no desire to pit himself against this angry amazon. It was at this point that Ambers Father came charging downstairs followed by his Father.

"What the hell is going on down here?" he asked.

"Oh nothing," Allison responded. "Uncle Frank asked Bruce if he had popped Amber's cherry and then how she reacted when he did it," she continued.

"Bruce is that true?" her Dad questioned.

"Yes sir," Bruce responded.

"Plus he's been staring at our tits and trying to look up our skirts all day," Amber added.

"Once again you have embarrassed this family," his Father said.

"Shut up, Dad," Frank slurred and lurched forward toward Allison.

"Ally, if he swings on you, you have my permission to drop him," her Dad said.

Upon hearing this Frank stopped moving and stayed silent. His wife Joanne appeared and together with his Father they escorted him to his car. Since none of the young cousins or his children had been privy to what had happened, they were told that Uncle Frank felt sick.

Joanne came back inside and apologized to Amber, Allison and their parents in private.

"When he drinks he gets stupid," was all she said with tears in her eyes. She then told her children that they could stay and Grandpa would bring them home later.

Allison sought out Bruce who had remained in the rec room to stay out of the way and gave him a hug and a kiss.

"Thank you," was all she said.

Amber appeared and gave Bruce and her sister a hug. She then sat down on the couch and Ally sat next to her.

"I can't believe he said those things, he was always so nice," Amber said fighting back tears.

"Forget it, its over and done," Allison added.

"Well I guess I better be going," Bruce said.

"I thought you were taking me to meet your folks?" she questioned.

"I was if you still want to go," he responded.

"Of course I do, let me say goodbye and grab my coat," Amber responded as she headed upstairs.

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