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Dinner Stories


Table for two

I wrote this 2 years back, hope you will enjoy it

Table for two Rise of the fallenSleeping off dreams that were stolenSanta late for work,Santa down and snoring.Everybody needs a break sometimes,A reality check sometimes. But the reality checks keep bouncing…..So I’m swallowing wrong pillsHoping this shi...

Dinner on the pier,A stroll along the sand,Stop to watch the sunset,Standing hand in hand;Casually, he leans over,Asks, "Babe, would you likeanother date like this?'Before I can answerhe softly kisses me on the lips.

Thanksgiving day had finally arrived and both families rose early and enjoyed a long breakfast and discussed the days coming events and the turkeys were placed in the ovens. After breakfast, Mr. Conway allowed his girls to use the shower first as he dug o...

Christmas dinner

He wanted it with her....

He woke up ecstatic, he felt so wonderful! He wasn't going to have that same old boring Christmas dinner with his parents. No, he was going to buy HER, that beauty he brought home, a fancy dinner. Remembering last night, he turned around, seeking her eyes...


I walked down the steps, feeling like an intruder. The sudden silence rang in my ears and intensified the tension surrounding me. I heard my 'father's' voice, "This is my oldest daughter, Brook. As you can see, she is beyond the description I gave you." "...

The Haunted Harley Part 5

Their second date

Ken left Miranda's house around 10:00 am and they both noted that the Harley started on the first try with no problems. She then cleared away the breakfast dishes before she stripped the sheets off the bed and put them in the washing machine with a few ot...

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Remembering when I was a child.

Easter morning crisp and coolDoes the Easter Bunny drool Hiding chocolate eggs for kids to find What really goes through his mind Does he ever get to watch them scurryBaskets swinging in such a big hurry Looking behind the trees and bushesSmiles upon litt...

Christmas Dinner

A 100 word story highlighting the perils of being on the Christmas Dinner menu.

He found her in the kitchen talking to the broccoli, leaving the carrots whispering to one another. In the far corner he noticed some newly arrived brussels sprouts, huddled together, nervously watching on. He ambled over and started chatting, trying to p...