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Amber Part 23

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School had finally let out for the Christmas break. Bruce's plans on sleeping in on that first Monday were derailed as he had promised Amber that he would show up for breakfast. He was not that upset about losing out on some sleep as it would give them some time alone.

Amber woke Monday morning as though she was going to school. This would allow her time to shower and do her makeup as she not allow Bruce to see her as she was. Her parents only had time for coffee as they both had breakfast meetings scheduled. They kissed her goodbye and were out the door by 7: 30 am. She started a fresh pot of coffee and then went to dress.

After trying on a dozen different nighties she sadly realized that she had finally gotten to big for any of her sexy sleepwear and opted for the sexiest bra and panties she could still get into. She then donned the black kimono that Bruce had worn their first time together and looked at her reflection.

"Good, but not great," she said out loud to the image in the mirror.

The doorbell rang at about 8: 30 which meant that Bruce had arrived. As she walked to the door she promised herself to not act like a whore in heat and keep her lust in check. However as soon as he stepped in out of the cold and into the warm kitchen Amber flew into his arms and began to cover him with kisses.

He held her with one hand as he responded to her kisses and used his free hand to unzip his jacket and drape it across a kitchen chair. She broke the kiss long enough to grab his hand and lead him to her bedroom where they made love for the longest time.

Afterwards he held her and they gently kissed.

"What's with the kimono?" he asked.

"It's the only pretty thing that still fits me."

"Now what am I supposed to wear?"

"I have a couple of dozen nighties, take your pick," she responded.

"I don't think so."

She slipped pot of bed and went to her closet where she removed a short pink satin robe and held it out to him.

"That should fit you," she stated.

"I am not wearing your robe."

"Why not? Maybe you'd rather wear one of my Dad's robes?"

"Not really," he responded as he donned the offered garment.

The robe that was always a little big on Amber fit Bruce well.

"You should think about putting your boxers back on," she said pointing and smiling.

The robe was a proper length for Amber's height and it hung about mid thigh. However with Bruce's height it had difficulty covering everything up front if he moved.

"I have a pink thong that would go great with that robe," she said with a giggle.

He threw a pillow at her and then slipped his boxers back on. He headed to the kitchen for coffee and Amber hit the bathroom. As he was sipping his coffee she reappeared and cooked him a man sized breakfast and they made small talk as they ate. When the conversation lapsed she figured it was as good of time as any.

"Bruce, I have something real important to ask you," she started.

"So go ahead and ask," he responded with a smile. When he noticed that she didn't smile he became a little concerned.

Amber reached across the table and took his hand, "You know that I am due in February," she said.

"Yes I know," he responded still showing concern on his face.

"Well I need to start planning for that day by asking someone to be the labor coach."

Now Bruce was not familiar with the term as its not among the topics that teenage boys discuss.

"What does a labor coach do?" he asked.

"First and foremost he or she gets me to the hospital. He or she then contacts my doctor and tells her that I am in labor and how far apart the contractions are. They then call my parents before he goes into the birthing room to help me deliver.

"Amber, what are you asking? Bruce asked with a touch of hesitation in his voice.

"Bruce, I want you to be my labor coach," she responded softly.

Bruce just sat there dumbfounded with his brain in a swirl of emotions and questions and he attempted to find his voice.

"You want me in the delivery room with you and watch as you give birth?" he finally responded.

Amber sensed his fear and hesitation.

"You don't have to watch unless you want to. I need someone I trust to help me get through it," she added quickly.

"There has to be more than just that."

"There is a class that we attend that will outline and explain everything you need to know and expected to do. You won't be considered the father in the eyes of the staff, you will just be the labor coach."

Bruce sat there staring at her in silence for the longest time and Amber was afraid that she had crossed a line by asking him. Fear crept into her heart and she wondered if this would be the final straw that would break the camels back and he would want out of this relationship.

Written by The_Count
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