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To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. No one knew how her fingers still fumbled when applying eyeliner and lipstick. Or the struggles she had endured to finally match her body to her soul. ...

1 year ago

Success Can Be Earned

He stopped to visit the old homestead.

He opened the door to his old hut. It had been years since he’d been here. He never could bring himself to sell it, even after his mother passed on. So much had happened since that one day. His name became famous throughout the land and opened so many opp...

1 year ago

Tilda Green

Sometimes things are not what we think.

It is surprising how much changes in a lifetime. Cars, airplanes, refrigerators, telephones, electric stoves, big highways all over the country. All sorts.And people. Gosh, what changes. For instance, there was a little baby girl born in Tennessee and nam...

5 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 25

“I found him here, alone,” Maria said, “I thought you would like to see him again.”

Amiens. December 29th 1940 Whilst this night night had been so traumatic and highly emotional for her friend on Ward Seven, Katarina had also been kept busy. She had not had the Gestapo or the SS to contend with but she had, nevertheless been kept hard at...

6 years ago

Dreaming Forward

And life moves only in one direction.

Once a child With a world so wide The sky so close I could spread my arms like wings Reach for the warmth of the sun Feel the fall of rainbows Washing over me Leaving me vivid I was color  Soft like petals  Opening for the first time Mouthing words  Becom...

School had finally let out for the Christmas break. Bruce's plans on sleeping in on that first Monday were derailed as he had promised Amber that he would show up for breakfast. He was not that upset about losing out on some sleep as it would give them so...

10 years ago

If Only

a woman looks back at her life and realises she has over come her problems

IF ONLY If my mum was different If my dad wasn't sad If my sister didn't tease me Then I would be glad If the war hadn't happened and my Uncle Archie didn't die My Dad would be happy And so would I If my sister didn't talk so much and take over each day T...