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Carrot Boy: Prologue

"This is only the beginning."
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***Hey guys this is my first story so please be honest with me. Tell me if it sucks (I think it does) or if it's good. But don't act all writer god on me. Also I would like to thank Cal (frogprince) and Gwen(Rebellious_Soul) for giving me the courage to put this story up here.***




I whimper and whisper, "I'm sorry, sir."

George grabs me by my hair, drags me upstairs to my room and locks me in my room. I slowly and painfully climb into bed and cry until I have no more tears. When I get up, I walk to the one small table I have in my room, grab my razor, pull up my sleeve and make five more slits on each arm. I sit there watching the blood flow, when I look up at the clock, and I see it's almost time for school. I knock on the door. George comes, lets me out and walks me to the bathroom.

George says to me, "Hide those bruises and cuts. We don't want people finding out about our little game, do we?" I keep my mouth shut, which results in me getting punched in the stomach. George screams, "DO YOU?"

I sob, "No sir."

He says, "That's a good girl," and hands me the clothes I'm to wear to school because I'm not allowed to wear normal clothes at home. Instead, I wear a pillowcase at home. For school, I get normal clothes so nobody will notice anything going on. I go in the bathroom, change into grey skinny jeans, a three fourths length shirt with an Indian horse on the front, a black sweatshirt with different colored polka dots on it, do my makeup, hair, and then walk back out in less than 10 minutes, otherwise something bad would happen. George hands me my backpack and the keys to the motorcycle they let me drive for looks. Why don't I just drive away, you ask? Well, the reason is that the bike has a tracking device on it. I walk out the door, walk to the bike and climb on. Hell number two, here I come.

When I pull up to school, I look for, even though I know he's not there, my ex-best friend, Harry Styles. Yes, he's the one from One Direction. The reason I still look for him is because I miss him. He was the only friend I ever had. Everything would have been perfect, but George and Stacy found out. They made me tell him I never wanted to see him again and that we could never be friends. For over two years now, I have cried myself to sleep, because that was the day before Harry left for the X Factor. It's my fault, I haven't heard a word from him since.

Out of nowhere, I hear the first bell ring and run into school. I reach my first class with 30 seconds to spare. In those 30 seconds, my day goes from bad to horrible. In struts princess bitch herself, Ashley Morenson. The first words out of her mouth were, "Yuck! Look at the emo slut!" I say nothing and just stare at my desk. Of course, she sits right behind me, so I have to listen to her all hour long. Finally, the bell rings and I run out of the room to get away from Ashley and her followers as quickly as possible. 

That's how every hour goes, except for lunch. I spend that period either in the bathroom or by myself or in the library. Usually I cut during lunch but today I forgot my razor at home. So instead, I just stand in front of the mirror finding everything wrong with me, which is a lot. When the bell rings, I walk to my next class, which I have with...wait for it... Ashley! Lucky me! Lucky for me this is the last class I have with her and next I have my guitar lesson, which is the only thing I'm good at besides reading. 

After my lesson, it's the end of the day and time to go to my job at the library. It is the only thing in my life, which I was allowed to choose. When I get there, I do all of my duties, look at the time and see I have to be home in 10 minutes. Therefore, I tell the head librarian that I have to go and bye. She hands me my paycheck. I leave and head back to hell. When I get home, I'm met with a slap from my drunken foster mom. She drags me upstairs and makes me change into my pillowcase. I'm locked in my room with only a book (a dictionary), a razor, a mattress on the floor, and my table. I stare out the tiny window I have at the tree, which is right there. After about 20 minutes, they slide a plate containing a single slice of bologna, a crust of some bread and a little cheese. Next, they slide through a small apple. My heart drops. They only give me fruit when they are sending me out. Not today, I'm not going to do that anymore. I'm going to run away!

*To Be Continued*

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