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Jen's Flight. Part 3

The conclusion

So now we circle around back to the beginning of Part 1 where we find Jen in her room packing. All her clothes fit nicely in the duffle bag, a small hard sided suitcase also purchased from a yard sale would hold her breakables and toiletries. Her backpack and purse would hold everything else. She sat in her darkened room with her heart beating rapidly watching the clock At around 3:00 am she saw a light flashing and shining against her window, she peered out and saw Vlad standing in the street.

She quietly opened the window and tossed the duffle, suitcase and backpack out to him, which he seemed to catch in mid air and transfer to the trunk of his vehicle. She then gingerly stepped onto the porch roof which was under her window and closed it behind her and then slowly crept to the edge. Following Vlad's forced whispered instructions, she laid down face first using her weigh to overcome gravity's pull. She lay there for a moment in order to overcome her fear and then as instructed she tucked her arms in and rolled off the roof edge, in the blink of an eye she was in his arms.

As soon as he placed her feet on the ground they quickly got to his car. She observed he was dressed rather strangely in white jacket, white ball cap and a long blond wig. After they got underway she questioned his apparel, he laughed before he responded.

"This is in case any of your neighbors are having a bout with insomnia and are sitting in the front room with the lights off and happened to see your exit."

"Now if asked to describe who assisted you, what kind of information will they give the police?"

She then showed him the doctored school ID card that listed her correct age but a fictitious name. Remember dear readers this was way back before TSA when airlines were not all that picky about identification cards or one way ticket purchases. The ride to the airport was just under an hour and they chatted while they drove, she shared her plans and dreams all of which he hoped would all come true for her.

"Ya know, when I turn 18 I am gonna come back up here and look you up."

"I will look forward to it."

"I am not kidding."

"Neither am I."

He dropped her off at the curb and they shared one last kiss before she went inside to the ticket counter. Her bags were checked and the ticket issued without a problem, she waved to him as she walked by the door en route to her gate and he blew her a kiss before he pulled away from the curb.

There was a brief feeling of loneliness as she walked the near deserted concourse to her gate where she took a seat and waited to board the plane. The feeling vanished when they announced they were going to commence boarding and was replaced by excitement. Three and a half hours later she was waiting on the curb in the humid Ft. Lauderdale evening, she didn't wait long. A cherry red 50's Ford convertible pulled to the curb and her Aunt Hazel leaped from the car and gathered her in her arms.

They stood and hugged for the longest time before Jen's bags were thrown into the back seat and they peeled away from the curb. In less than half an hour they pulled into the driveway of a typical Florida home. She was shown her room and the bags were deposited on the bed before they returned to the kitchen. Then over tall glasses of ice tea Jen attempted to fill her Aunt in on all that transpired before she departed.

Jen was worried that her Mom might call here or send the police around, and her Aunt informed her that would not happen.

"Your Mother, my sister would rather set fire to herself than call me about anything, plus I know most of the sheriffs down here so that won't be a problem."

"Now just so there is no misunderstanding later let us cover some basics," her Aunt continued.

She would attend school just like at home and work part time. Dating, dances and sporting events were OK, however if she was going with a boy her Aunt had to meet the him prior, if she sensed that he is a problem there will be no date and no discussion. She would have chores the same as she did at home.

Jen agreed to everything and she found it hard to believe that this woman was her Moms sister. Hazel was attractive, educated and well spoken. Her name was not spoken often because she too had run away from home ignoring her parents instance that she settle down and get married right after she graduated.. They continued talking for hours until Jen began to feel very sleepy and bid her Aunt a good night.

Soon she was tucked in bed in her new room. She thought about Vlad and how much she would miss seeing him, it was a necessary separation and only temporary if she had anything to say about it. She shortly drifted off into a deep sleep. She had taken the first steps of a new adventure and looked forward to a new day in a new city.

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