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Rebirth, The Conclusion

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During the long ride home sleep still escaped Tina so she kept Kat company while she drove and Val slept.

"Ya know kid, you have some decisions to make," she started.


"Are you going to keep up at this?"

"I was planing too, there will be new problems though."

"Such as?"

"School starts in a few weeks which means no more working out during the day."

"There is always after school and on Saturdays and Sundays," Kat stated.

"But you and Val won't be there."

"You don't need us to hold your hand anymore and besides we can always alter out schedules so we can have Sat and Sun together."

"Then there is the whole transportation issue, I won't be eighteen until next year so I can't drive and when the weather turns cold I won't be able to ride my bike in the snow."

"Have you ever tried?"


"Try it, we did."

They arrived home in time for breakfast and Mom cooked for them all. She showed them the pictures taken on the smart phones and they were impressed. Tina was surprised at herself, she could normally hold her own against her dad at the table and now one helping and she was full. They moved to the living room and once on the couch Tina fell asleep and her friends took it as their cue to depart.

She awoke around Noon and her Dad had a surprise for her. In the basement was a weight bench and weights and they not the cheap kind you buy at the big box store but real iron weights. Dad told her he had called her gym and the owner fixed him up with a seller.

In her room she discovered a beautiful gift wrapped box on the bed. She opened it and discovered a tiny black bikini that was similar to her posing suits and a pair of heels. A small note in the bottom told her to go and impress the masses. It was signed by Val and Kat and so around 10:00 AM she rode to the city pool.

As she was a resident she got in for free and made her way to the dressing room where she slipped the tiny bikini and heels on rolling her jeans and t-shirt up in her towel she and then walked out poolside. The looks she got by some of her classmates were humorous, the boys mouths actually hung open. She spied the hateful hotties in a group and she ignored them and found a chair, eventually they approached her in a group.

"Wow Tina, you look great," one stated.

"Been lifting weights?" another asked.

"A little," she responded.

"Ya look like a dude," their leader smarted off.

"Beats looking like a wig on a stick with tits," she responded.

She was rewarded by the group laughing at her response and the leader rapid departure. One of the stunning male lifeguards that was the object of many of the ladies desire approached her during the break and chatted as he had attended the show. As they talked she was aware of the dirty looks the hateful hotties were giving them.

When he departed and walked by the group the leader sang out.

"She looks like a man."

"That's the kind of man I want, " he responded.

She had what she wanted and decided to leave. She put down her longtime tormentor and attracted the attentions of one of the best looking guys at the pool. As she was about to leave she was called to and noticed a group of her real friends shading themselves under a tree. She kicked off her heels and ran to them and there was a lot of hugging and kissing as she renewed their acquaintance.

"Why didn't you let me know you were here?" she asked.

"We figured that you wouldn't wanna waste your time with us," Megan responded.


"You're so slim and sexy and we are all normal," Megan responded again.

"I am still the same person inside and if I didn't want to hang out with you I would not have run over."

"You are not going to try and change us?" Helen asked.

"Change you?"

"Get us to start pumping iron."

"No, If you want to I will help but other than that I would never try and change you."

That seemed to do the trick and she was accepted back into her little group of friends. Labor day came and soon it was time for school to start anew. Her new figure seemed to attract the attention of many of the male students and a few of the male teachers.

She heard the whispered insults of lesbian when changing in the locker room for gym class. She now had a competitive spirit and looked forward to phys ed. In the halls moving to her next class she heard the whispers that doing steroids made her a man with boobs and that she had a bigger Johnson that some of the guys. She laughed at all of them as they came from some of the boys that treated her like crap for so many years and now wanted to hook up with her.

"That was not going to happen," she told them.

She still cleaned the gym after school and on Saturdays. The money she made now went into a savings account and not for supplements and protein shakes. One of the deals Kat had cut for her delivered a years worth of those items for free. The workouts were a little lonely without her friends, but she didn't shrink from them as she knew they would be there on the weekends.

On her half gallon water jug she pasted a notice of the upcoming Miss Universe contest. During her rest period between sets she would stare at the notice and tell herself, "One year to go." She then resumed her workout with a renewed mindset and goal.

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