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Snow-White and Red-Rose Chapter 2

"A grimm story brought to life"

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The next morning Snow-White woke to a slight cough in her throat. She then noticed the frigid breeze coming from her open window. She got up, her white night dress swaying in the wind. When she peered out the window she gasped. It was a pure white wonderland outside. Everything was covered in inches upon inches of snow.

“B-b-but it’s summer!” Snow-White proclaimed. At the same moment a growling noise coming from downstairs caught her attention. She hurried down in a haste, neglecting the fact she hadn’t yet changed out of her night gown.

He was tall and slender from what could be seen. He wore an old abused tannish cloak that covered his entire body except for his ankles and feet. His feet were bare and seemed much too clean for him to have been walking outside in the dirt.

Snow tried to catch a glance of his face through the darkness that was created from his hood. “Who are you?!” she shouted from the staircase. The man paid no attention keeping it on the riled up Moon-Light.

“Snow?” Rose said coming down the staircase rubbing her eyes sleepily. “Why are you yelli----” She finally noticed the man then Moon-Light. She pushed Snow out of the way and ran to Moon-Light. She wrapped her arms around him petting his fur trying to calm him down. He continued to growl under his breath.

The man took a step forward and it hit Rose that she had run in front of a stage man completely defenseless. “Amaris, looks like you have these girls under your spell for now but they can’t protect you forever," the hooded man said in a monotone voice.

Moon-Light almost leaped from Rose's grip but she held him back some kind of way. The man then took the same step back and a black vortex appeared behind him. He turned and walked into it without saying another word. The vortex disappeared as fast as it appeared. Rose looked over at Snow. They both just looked at each other not knowing what to say.

“What’s all that noise about girls? Do you know what time of morning it is?” Charlotte said coming down. She looked at the two gaping girls. “What…are you doing?”

Snow paused. “I don’t know…but maybe it had to do with that wild animal you hold in your arms.”

“Moon-Light has nothing to do with this!” She stood up releasing Moon-Light.

“Come on girls, even on your birthday you fight. You used to be so close.”

“Yeah, but then Snow changed.”

“And Rose never changed.”

Moon-Light made his way up to the front door where he found two tings sparkling. He growled again and tried to tear them apart.

“What is he doing?...” Snow asked.

Rose shoved Moon-Light away and picked up what he was trying to destroy. In each hand she held a crystal bracelet. One was so clear it created a tint of blue within itself. It shined like ice on the sunlight. The other was ruby like, almost crimson in color. It sparkled glimpse of yellow and orange.

“They’re beautiful,” Snow exclaimed. She dashed over to Rose, snatching the clear one. “This must be why we’re down here, the mail boy delivering these things on our birthday!”

“But who are they from?”

“Does it matter, Rose? They’re obviously for us.”

“Snow-White, Red-Rose, get dresses. I need you to go pick up ingredients from the village for your cake.”

Written by BestAbsolutePerfect
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