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Over 90 days ago
United States


Hi I am BestAbsolutePerfect and I am here to blow and confuse your minds with my stories....If thats what you wanna call them....Yes sir I'm one of a kind....also look out for the kpop refrences....

I like to write fantasy, anything that can make you feel like you are in another world is a keeper.

Favorite Books
All things Manga, Manga, and more Manga. 먼화, 먼화, 그리고 많이 먼화.

Favorite Authors
Akira Toriyama

Favorite Movies
We need to talk about Kevin, Inception, Whats eating gilbert grape, The social network, Titanic, The wallflower, This is the end

Favorite Music
Kpop, K-rock, Ukiss, Exo, B.A.P, 2pm, Wonder girls, f(x), 2ne1, Lunafly, 15&, MissA, Got7, Spica, 동봉신기, JYJ, BtoB, Vixx, Henry,, Phantom, Gain, Boa, 중준영, Jay Park, John Park, Roy Kim, Beast, Big Bang, Super Junior, Lee Michelle, 이하이, Old 90 songs, Disney songs, anime theme songs
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