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When a Stupid Wish Becomes True

"What happens if a stupid wish becomes true"
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Published 3 weeks ago

Author's Notes

"What inspired the idea of this story was partly an episode of "Family Guy" (S12E04). In that episode, both Brian and Meg Griffin use this method to beat their bullies!"

Back when I was in high school, there was a boy who was two years younger than me. He liked to tell on everyone. I never understood his motivation. Maybe he thought telling on people was funny, or made him powerful, or maybe he just thought being a male version of Candace (a character from Phineas and Ferb animation) was exciting! He never gained anything because no one took him seriously. That is, if we assume gaining something from telling on people is actually possible.

There was nothing going on in our quiet neighborhood and school anyway. No one did anything worth telling, except him. Whenever he did something bad, he tried to stop the others from telling by threatening to tell some crazy embarrassing story (which he invented using his active imagination) about the people who had seen his actual deeds. He did tell some of those stories, but it led to nothing but laughter. Things got funnier when he thought he could scare people into obeying him by threatening to tell on them! He tried that on me, and that is when the story begins.

My body had matured much more than an average girl of my age, and especially my breasts were overgrown. I noticed that boys stared at my breasts sometimes, although nothing indecent ever happened. It wasn't a big deal and never bothered me.

The only "sexual harassment" I experienced was from that boy. He always joked about my breasts and even tried to touch them, but I didn't let him. So, guess what was his solution: "If you don't let me touch them I will tell on you!" As I said, everyone knew he made stories and no one took him seriously. He did make some of his crazy stories about me, but again, that led to nothing but laughter. He asked me again and again to let him see or touch my boobs. I said no every time, and he made a new story. After a while I became upset, not because he was telling crazy stories about me (which no one believed), but because I grew bored of his stupid game.

One day I was talking to some other girls in my class. They told me that they have received similar "threats" from him as well. None of us were worried or even cared about the unbelievable stories which he made about us. We even told each other what childish stories he invented and had a good laugh. One of the girls jokingly said that she felt so sorry for him that she might give him what he wants purely out of pity! The others argued that he wouldn't even be able to handle it.

To tell you the truth, he was short and looked immature, even for his age. But he wanted things that were for grown-ups. We were sure he wouldn't actually like what he says he wants, on the contrary, he will be repulsed and disgusted if someone actually gives it to him.

That sparked an idea. I suggested the following: In order to make him realize how ridiculous his behavior was and how undesirable is the "prize" of such behavior, one of us should actually give him what he wants. And I'm not talking about giving him just a little to play with, but much more than he could handle!

We decided to spin a bottle in order to choose who should do it. The bottle pointed straight at me!

A few days later, I was returning home when I saw him. I knew no one was home at that time so it was a perfect opportunity. I turned my cell phone's camera on without him noticing and pretended to be doing something unimportant with my cell phone. Then I approached him.

He repeated his old "threat" as usual! Before he finished his sentence, I said "Okay, let's do it. Follow me home." He probably thought I was joking and followed me. When we got there I asked him to wait in the living room. I also put my cellphone in a position which could film him without him noticing.

I went to my bedroom, took out another camera and pointed it at my face and explained the situation, then I said: "Now it's time to teach him a lesson." I put the camera in a position which could only film my feet. I began undressing and dropped every piece of clothing I had on me on the floor where it could be filmed, so that the viewer could be sure that I was getting naked.

I picked up the camera and pointed it at my face and naked shoulders while I was careful not to film the other parts of my body. I said: "Let this be a lesson to all those who can't handle a real girl and think our privates are just sex toys!"

I walked out like that to the living room. His jaws dropped and his eyes were shooting out of his head. There was no sign of sexual arousal, there was just terror and disbelief in his face.

I stood completely naked in front of him, saying: "Now, do anything you want with me!"

But he just froze and kept staring at me with that funny face, as if he had seen a ghost!

He probably had imagined a Barbie-like supermodel or pornstar whenever he thought about naked women. But now, a real girl, with hairy armpits and a thick bush was standing in front of him naked. His mind needed some time to adjust itself with this harsh reality!

I said: "What?! It's what you wanted, isn't it? What are you waiting for?"

He tried to escape, but I jumped in front of him with my arms opened wide and said: "No, you are not getting away from me. I'm not letting you out until we have done it!"

I pretended that I'm going to pull down his trousers, although I had absolutely no intention of doing so! That made him so frightened that he used all his force (which was actually very little) to get away from my claws! He ran as fast as he could towards the door, but I stopped him from opening it. For the next few minutes, he ran like hell around the house and I pretended to be chasing him. We went around, jumped over and crawled under almost every piece of furniture available in the house until he finally managed to get to the door before me. When he exited the house, I filmed him from the window while he was still running in the street like his life depended on it!

The next day I showed the clip which I had made (nudity was censored in it) to my friends and we all laughed at him. He was ashamed and humiliated. Whenever we passed by him, we jokingly asked if he is willing to have sex with us and he was just disgusted!

I guess that taught him a lesson. He never harassed anyone like that and quit his snitching habit as well, despite I had offered him something real to tell on me! I just hope I didn't scare him too much and he is not afraid of women anymore!

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