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I just started writing as a hobby. So, don't expect much.

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Emilia regained her consciousness and opened her eyes slowly. "We done?" she asked, as she looked around and searched for the members of her team. But none of them was around. A single unknown young woman was staring at her in confusion. The room she had...

1958 - The 5-year-old Emilia Conly was taken to a science exhibition by her mother. The exhibition was held by a company called "Aperture Science Innovators". She was extremely fascinated by the things on display, which seemed magical to her. A part of th...


Benjamin remembers the old days and realizes a few facts

In a beautiful house on the outskirts of a large city, the six-year-old Benjamin was playing with his grandfather. Benjamin was the kind of kid who could never sit quietly. His active imagination made an adventure out of everything. That day, Benjamin was...

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