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Stories Space Dirty Martini 420

In our latest contest, we're honoring Alan W. Jankowski, who used the handle Dirty Martini here. Alan was a longtime moderator at Stories Space, as well as a talented writer and friend to many. He passed away in March 2017. You don't need to have known Alan in order to enter, but it would be a good idea to visit his profile page and read some of his work first.

• No entry fee
• All entries must be new, original work
• One entry per person
• Limit 420 words
• Category must be Micro Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry or Songs
• Tags must include the word 'whatever'
• Submission must include the number 420 in some form (time, date, distance, weight, temperature, length, or whatever) AND one item from EACH of the following lists:
1. Exakta 66 camera, Gibson Les Paul guitar, Albert King album
2. Penguin, potato, bee
3. A letter, a dirty martini, a neon sign

Submissions not meeting all requirements will be rejected. Before submitting an entry, please make sure that it has been thoroughly proofread and is the story you want to submit. Entries may not be edited after submission, or deleted and replaced with another entry.

Start Date
20th Sep 2018
End Date
8th Oct 2018
Announcement Date
13th Oct 2018
  • Winner 420 bits ($52.50 USD), EP award, Competition Winner badge, Dirty Martini badge
  • Second Place 210 bits ($26.25 USD), RR award, EP consideration, Competition Runner-up badge
  • Third Place 140 bits ($17.50 USD), RR award, EP consideration, Competition Runner-up badge