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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


Aspiring Sci Fi and fantasy writer, Approachable and happy chappy.

Steampunk, Sfi Fi, Internet security and privacy (yawn!), Geek that can speak non geek!

Favorite Books
Time machine, Waywood pines, Girl with the dragon tattoo, The Tutor, anything Stephen King

Favorite Authors
Ray Bradbury books, Neil Gaiman, Mark Billingham, H G Wells, Patricia Cornwell, Terry Pratchett, Mr S King

Favorite Movies
Momento , Blade runner, One flew over the cuckoos nest, Life of Brian, it's a wonderful life.

Favorite TV Shows
Dr Who, The Blacklist, Fargo, Gotham,Real housewives (yes guilty pleasure!), and Jessica Jones, The Bridge

Favorite Music
All kinds, Classical to Punk
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Black Birds

Two long lost friends team up for an old job.

  Black Birds Cold night air pinched at the darkness. Frost painted featherlike patterns on the windscreens of the parked cars along the street. Grass huddled together beneath their icing sugar coating. A neon light at the corner of the street failed to n...

The Web

Caught in the web of a mystical land.

He just could not fathom it.  It just looked all wrong. In the darkness the spider's web glowed in the moonlight.  But it was wrong somehow. He thought that there were to be too many concentric cirlces, too closely woven together towards the centre, it wa...