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Over 90 days ago


My name's Chandra. I'm 23 with a 1 year old daughter. I'm also in a relationship after much anxiety about getting close to someone again. I write when I need to unwind or figure out what I really think about something. Eventually I'll get around to posting. Maybe something other than poetry.

Real conversation, rock climbing, canoeing, alot more.

Favorite Books
Anything that can keep my interest.

Favorite Authors
Ellen Schreiber

Favorite Movies
Horror on the general. Specifically old time horror, preferably in black and white.

Favorite Music
Something with a good beat that isn't giving me a headache.
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I look back at youSee you standing there, no appealYou're looking at the past meNeither of what we see is realI'm staring at a ghostSomeone I'm pushing awayYou see who you thought you leftNeither the same as that dayNo more heartbreakNo more tearsNot for...