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Over 90 days ago


I'm a single stay at home mum of two. I love getting tattoo's which i currently have... lets say four but planning on more. I don't get out much and i'm not much of a people person but i do try.

I love to read and write. My friends and family tell me i have a talent for spinning a tale. I write mostly adult stories (mostly requested by males friends) poetry, and supernatural stories.

Favorite Books
My favorite books would be the Twilight set... kinda lame i know,
Goosebumps.... i really use to love them,
Wicca series, and so much more,
Anything to do with supernatural and romance too.

Favorite Authors
My favorite authors are like me, amateurs.

Favorite Movies
I love horrors, thrillers and very few romance.... besides i'd rather read a book.

Favorite TV Shows
Soooo many, but heres a few to get what i like:
Bones, CSI, NCIS, Castle, Moonlight (sad there was only one series to that), Buffy, Angel and sooooooooooo on. You get the point, right.

Favorite Music
I was brought up on OLD stuff like the 60s, 70s, and so on. Not much of a music person unless i in a bad mood and then it's heavy metal all the way.
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