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Anonymous 2 years ago

Hey Friend

I'm missing the good parts of a bad friend, and I fear they're gone for good ~cheese on bread

Hey, listen friend, I get it. I do understand where you are coming from, how you feel, and what you are trying to accomplish. I'm in the same place as you, it's dark and intimidating; lonely. You miss a friend you once had, maybe they weren't the best...

Anonymous 2 years ago

What People Don't Realise

A short story by Andrea Snyman. Some stories begin where you think they end.

What people don’t realise is that death isn’t what they think it is. ~ You find yourself in a waiting room…Sitting comfortably on the couch. It’s not too cold, it’s not too warm…It even comes complete with old school elevator type music. They pro...

Anonymous 2 years ago

My stepfather

Such two speeches cannot wait: I LOVE YOU and I AM SORRY. Elsewise...

When I was only six and my younger brother was two, our father passed away. Since then, my mother and we were dependent upon each other. Our days were difficult. My mother had to work very hard to keep our family together. The income was just enough to...

How does one know when it’s time to face eternity.  Do you feel a tug deep within your soul. Is there a feeling that reaches beyond sensitivity. That tells you, that you’ve reach the end of the road.   Will the angels sing your heartbeat...

  Time goes slow,As I sink into an all-time low.My heart beats pain as I strain my eyes looking for a better future.All doors closed but I keep an open mindLeft alone, I am the last of my kindI got comfo...

Anonymous 3 years ago

If I were for REAL

Life should be as colorful as the rainbow... Please remember you are your only painter. alwayssss

If the water can return, take me away please!If the water can take in, it will never grieve!Someone admires you streaming freely!I wish to swap with you, then I can run capricious!If the water were I, it would weep for sure!...

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Once i was a king

My first time trying a rhyme scheme and structure like this, hope you guys like it.

Once I was a mighty king who owned it all,An empress and vast kingdomBut all great empires eventually fall. I still sit upon my lonely throne,The only thing that remained,After all else left with a great groan....

I drifted to sleep and into a familiar dream.I saw you holding a glass of wine and smiling at a beautiful woman. She was dressed simply yet she was breathtaking. Her eyes were vibrant and honest; her smiles were pure and genuine. She laughed wit...

anthonychansa 4 years ago

Lost it

Problems solved at the bottom of the cup?

Fully dressed in make upBarely dressed in clothes.When will you wake up?And know there's more to life than a poseTequila shots after a break up,Man left you for whores.The road to success is bumpyAnd ful...