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New Zealand


I love to write and explore the worlds and the people I create. My favourite part about writing is when a character runs away from me, or takes a turn I wasn't expecting. Its almost as if the character is writing the story, not me. I am a student studying English and Ancient History, and I hope to write full time, or to get a job that allows me enough spare time to write.

Reading and writing, Ancient history etc...

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Child of Promise Chapter 1: Wake

I am being lied to. But who is the liar, and who is telling the truth? Who am I?

Fire. It was bright. Fire burned. But this didn’t. What did that mean? Clank. Clank. Clankclank. Indistinct sounds, unpleasant but with a sense of fierce satisfaction. Ache, heavy, but comforting. What was this?   Shhhhhhhhhhhhh……the voice of wind rushing...


Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Inspired by a character created on an RPG (Role-Playing Game) site called 'Dysfunctional'. I have no idea if it is still running. Let me know what you think.------------------Who was it that said that right and wrong were just a matter of opinions? Or tha...