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Over 90 days ago
United States


I am a program director for an Urban non-profit charity organization.
The work is hard, the hours are long, but the payoff is beautiful and priceless.

I enjoy quiet and solitary activities.

Outdoor walks
PC Gaming
and binge watching questionable amounts of "The Office" on Netflix!

Favorite Books
The Girl with all the Gifts
Jane Eyre
Behind Closed Doors
Night Film
The Woman in Cabin 10

Favorite Movies
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Rear Window
The Girl with all the Gifts
Memoirs of a Geisha
Ready Player One
Life is Beautiful
The Greatest Showman

Favorite TV Shows
The Office
I also really enjoy shows that are creepy and suspenseful!
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Mulan, The Beginning

A retelling of the various legends of Mulan.

The night I was born, was the calm before the storm of war.  The air was cool and pleasant, sparing the crops and gardens from the cruel death of frost. Traveling in soft whorls, the wind urged the leaves to whisper, and yet kept the fires tame. Ponds rip...

Before My Eyes

My first story.

My eyelids are sealed shut with a dried mix of sand and saltwater, courtesy of the scalding sun. It’s so quiet, save for the waves surging over the packed sand, and the occasional frenzy of caws and flapping wings as the native birds duel over who consume...