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8 hours ago


OOhhh! So we've found the key to getting Rachel to write! Be provocative!

I've read her first MONSTER story – and found it unsettling, to say the least. Brilliantly done, but…scary, but not for the reasons you might believe.

The sun is attempting a wan break through the grey clouds overhead. But at least it's not snowing anymore!

A mug of Red Rose for me, then perhaps I'll sit with Kat and compare notes on who has the more miserable weather!

We have company for the next couple of days – our other granddaughter, the six-year-old, and her dad are coming for a visit – which means a loud, noisy time for da Bear! Well, at least they're happy sounds! (sigh)

Howdy, everybody! We were going to be having our 6-year-old granddaughter visit this weekend but just got a text from our SIL saying he's feeling ill. He's going to see how he feels tomorrow, then let us know whether the visit is on, or whether they'd like to postpone until next week. Here's hoping!

I'll take an Irish Breakfast tea, and wander back to try to catch up on some work.

So far, so good in Spring Training. The Jays are 6-4. If they can sustain that, they'll be a shoo-in for the playoffs, maybe even to win the division! Even better for this time of year, all five starters are looking sharp, and as everyone knows in baseball, if you don't have pitching, you don't have anything. We'll see!

I've put out pots of Red Rose and Darjeeling teas, and used Tanzanian Teaberry coffee in the percolator. That, plus hot water from the kettle for other drinks, should keep people happy – if accompanied by some of Sara's Splendid Cookies!

Quote by verbal

I'm plugging in the percolator, got the tea kettle whistling, the cookies I haven't eaten on a platter (there's not many).

Chill day, though lots of good writing news. Definitely sold one story, probably sold another, and a podcast coming out this week. When it rains it pours. So I'll have 3 events in the same week and nothing for the next six months. Oh well.

Tired today. One of those hunker down and write kinda day.

Coffee and a baseball cookie please.

Sounds amazing! I know how difficult it is to get published commercially, so congratulations, Jeff!

If there are any GF baseball cookies, I'll have one with a cuppa Darjeeling, then wander back and see what mischief Sara's getting into!

I'll snag a mug of English Breakfast tea, and mosey on back to Sara's Space. Who knows? I might actually get a little writing done today, along with the various chores and errands.

Oh, and I've put out pots of Red Rose and Celebration tea for everyone, plus used Bill's own N'Oleans Dark Roast beans for the coffee today!

And Happy March! We made it through February!

The competition results are in:


  • Winner $150 (USD)

  • Third Place $50 (USD)

Runners Up

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and especially to Daphne, Kat, and Ophelia!

It was a fun comp, and thanks to all the judges for their long-suffering tolerance of tepid prose!

Quote by AnnaMayZing

Thank you, James. Not a traditional publisher like Penguin, et al. They are a small publisher that designed the cover and formatted the text for print-to-order. They also do some advertising, but it will mainly be down to me to promote. When the setup is complete, books will be ordered online via Viking Bay which takes a very small commission.

Let us know when it's out, and where, OK?

Quote by elizabethblack

A wonderful event to celebrate. AnnaMayZing has had her manuscript approved for publication commercially. It's the one on The Nurses. A fantastic book indeed. So very happy for her. She will be putting out an announcement, but she said I could tell my friends and you are all my friends.

Congratulations, Anna! May we ask where and how it's being published? And by whom, if it's by a conventional publisher? Getting a book published by a conventional publisher is quite a feat at any time, but since the advent of the Internet, it's an astonishing one!

Quote by Susie_de_Vil

It’s a beautiful sunny frosty day here in Ireland. Just been for a walk with the dogs and I’d love a cup of coffee to warm me up. I recognise a few faces from other places but hi, I’m Susie. New to here and hoping to publish a story or two soon

Welcome, Susie. You remind me of someone I knew. We're pleased to have you join us!

Try one of Sara's cookies – or biscuits, in your case. Sara is our resident Cookie Fairy!

Well, busy morning today! Took our granddaughter and her dad (our son – funny how that works) out skating and sledding this morning at the local park. Grandad did most of the pulling-of-the-wagon, so Grandad is plum tuckered out!

I think I shall grab a big mug of English Breakfast tea and retire to Sara's Space and collapse for a while!

February's getting close to being over – and the Blue Jays have a perfect record so far this Spring training! 1-0!

Start planning the parade!

Quote by Brad_Naylor

I've just seen a Polar Bear driving a car. I need a drink...

Hey! That's me! Where did you get the photo? I wonder if that's my 1960 Pontiac SkyChief?

Annie can count on a comment from me, too! She always creates superior stories. I'll look forward to reading it.

Meanwhile, I've just submitted another "Bear & Girl" story, so hopefully, it will be out in a couple of days.

I think I'll take a Bear-sized mug of Red Rose back to Sara's Seat and see if Annie's story's out yet.

I was sorry to hear of Larry's passing. I didn't know him well, but he always had a kind, encouraging word, and wrote stories that were a cut above anything I can produce.

I sense that StoriesSpace will miss him more than I'm aware.

As Jeff said, Hug those whom you love.

Quote by KatarinaTechgoddess

I’ve had carcinomas removed. My most recent diagnosis has me doing a few rounds of a topical chemo to avoid having part of my lips removed. Interestingly enough, docs are convinced that my issues stem from sunburns I got as a child years ago. Seems unfair. Back in the day, we ran around outside all summer long. We didn’t know about sunscreen.

Good luck with that ear. Sending positive vibes.


I remember in the summers, I would throw on some undies, a pair of shorts, sometimes a t-shirt, and go outside and play all day. No shoes, no sunscreen, no telling Mom where I was going…just go.

And yes, I've had much the same thing happen to me. Basal cells on my forehead, which I've had treated, and some sun-damaged skin. Not because of what I do now – very careful in the sun now – but because of what I did when I was too young, dumb, and happy!

So, busy day, winding down. I've got a new Bear & Girl story out – and Kat has a lovely poem, you know – one of those thingies with rhymes and meter and stuff?

Her poem is Body Language

And Jeff has a love poem that starts, improbably enough, in a dentist's chair! Dentistry

Ah, but MY story has an even shorter title: Less

(yawns) Oh, and some smart alec stuck a Valentine's heart on my back! Humans!

Quote by verbal

Spring Training starts tomorrow!!!

…and every team is undefeated! YEA!

Not sure about the off-season moves by the Jays. I like the guys coming in, but we gave up two heart-of-the-order hitters to improve the defense, and the players we have now tend to be injury-prone. If everything goes well (and when does it?), they'll do great. Otherwise…"wait until next year"!

But, as Howard Cosell used to say, "That's why they play the games!"

Thanks, Mendalla.

The story has been posted!

It's called: Mardi Gris, and it's…well, you'll have to see for yourself.

I'll join you in a Red Rose – if'n we can find a mug big enough – plus a couple of Sara's GF cookies, please.

Quote by DenimAngel

sniffs I smell BASEBALL in the air ..spring training games start the 24th worship

Superbowl is on Sunday

Hi peeps!

A large hot chocolate with mini marshmallows would be fantastic.

It's been a day .

My friend Jolene's funeral is Saturday morning I'm not looking forward to it I know I'm bawl like a baby .

peeks in the cookie jars yay in good shape.

giving the adorable critters fresh water and treats

But atleast my today list for the day is DONE

grabbing a couple of cookies and a mug of hot chocolate and climbing up in my favorite overstuffed chair

Sorry to hear about your friend, Sara.

Maybe the fact that pitchers and catchers report on Monday will cheer you a bit.

Hi everyone. It's been a busy period of time for me – for most of us, I'd guess.

I've just submitted my entry for the comp, which means I will be able to start reading the other entries – when I can find the time! My story is a very different take on Mardi Gras, so…

I've got Red Rose black tea and Typhoo Green Tea in pots on the side, and some fine Kona coffee in the pot.

I'm going to mosey on back to Sara's Space with a Bear-sized mug o' Red Rose and some GF cookies, and see if I can't at least get a start on reading the entries.

Quote by DenimAngel

Hi peeps

A chilly day here and I'm the first in here in a couple of days

Emptying out the coffee pot and tea kettle and washing them out then filling the tea kettle with fresh water and today's coffee is Cafe du Monde . Today's teas are lemon zinger and Earl Grey .. and there Is a tea chest filled with other teas and a wooden box filled with a variety of hot chocolate.. and there is baskets filled with creams, sugar ,artificial sweeteners, lemons and marshmallows.

*emptying out the cookie jar crumbs and washing them out and drying them .. while they dry we will use Mickey and Minnie mouse cookie jars for today's Disney themed cookies....

filling the cookie jars.. mickey gets theme cookies and Minnie gets cinnamon and honey graham Scooby snacks

giving the adorable critters fresh water and treats

Pouring a large hot chocolate with a splash of coffee and a mountain of mini marshmallows and climbing up in my favorite overstuffed chair

My friend that i wrote the story A Survivor Tail about died Saturday afternoon I spent Sunday being whiney . But she's no longer in pain so that's a blessing.

Hug your people tight .

Great cookies Sara! Gonna see if there are any GF cookies like that, then grab me some and retreat.

Sorry to hear about your friend, kiddo!

Favourite Disney movies, eh? Hmmm…Mary Poppins, perhaps? The original Parent Trap, with a young and luscious Hayley Mills? Or the remake with Lindsey Lohan, before she blew up her career?

And Robin Hood, of course, with Brian Bedford as Robin!

Jungle Book, absolutely! I was Bagheera in our Cub pack when I first started as a Scout leader, so definitely Jungle Book!

Lemme get things started here …

I've rinsed out the kettle as well as the coffee pot. We've got Red Rose and Twinings' Lemon Ginger teas in pots on the side. We're running Sir William's Lousiana Creole dark roast coffee today, in honour of the Mardi Gras competition.

I have an idea for the comp, but have to find time to actually write it. Not sure it will amount to anything, but I gotta try. However, Real Life is intruding, and I'm doing a detailed analysis of whether to install solar panels on our new (to us) house or not - and if so, to overbuild with the intention of disconnecting the natural gas heat and water heater and going all electric.

Decisions, decisions!

Nice to see Lady Sharon here! Good morning!

And good morning to everyone else! Gonna take me a mug of Red Rose back to Sara's Spot and set a while, perhaps read some.

Quote by Mendalla

A to-do list is like a room full of rabbits. Turn your back and the to-dos start breeding. 😕

Nice simile, Mendalla! I may just steal that, file the serial numbers off, and claim it as my own!

With a fresh paint job, of course.

I have a new "Bear & Girl" story out: Fires in the Field, if anyone cares.

Actually, it's out whether anyone cares or not! Blame the management!

Quote by KatarinaTechgoddess

Coffee, tea, or whatever your beverage of choice might be…

All drinks are on me today! ☕️🫖🧋

January was apparently a successful writing month for me here on SS. I managed to snag a top author and a top story badge overnight. My back is feeling well patted and I appreciate my friends here who have read and liked my stories. Thanks!! 😎

Hubby comes home today, YAY! I’ve slept so poorly this past week. I predict I will sleep like the dead tonight. 😴💤

Hope all y’all have a great day. I’m off soon to take my brother to the eye doc.

Sounds like a good day for our TechGoddess! Well-deserved congratulations on both counts!

After checking, I've made pots of Red Rose and Lemon Zinger teas, and a dark roast Kenyan coffee from Cooper's Coffee Company.

I'll grab some Lemon Zinger and mosey on back to try to catch up on my backlog of reading!

First in, I see.

Well I've got Red Rose and Matcha Green teas in pots, and a dark roasted Tanzanian Peaberry coffee in the pot.

Thanks to Serendipitous Sara for the Superb Snacks!

I'm going to take a Bear-sized mug of Matcha green back to Sara's Spot, and try to come up with an idea for the comp.

Take care, y'all!

Quote by elizabethblack

Hard to concentrate lately. So much to do and no interest in getting it accomplished. Nothing I can do. So helpless.

I get times like that, too. When I do, I select something I really want to do, and promise myself I can do it – once I've done something I need to do, like pay bills.

Or you can use Robert Benchley's technique. He would set out 5 things he needed to do, select the top one, and sit down to do it. No sooner than he started it then he would feel the need to do something else – so he would do another one of his 5 things to avoid doing #1. Then he would sit down to do the first thing again – and get distracted by one of the other tasks, and so on.

The first thing might never get finished, but he found that the others did.

It's a thought.

Quote by gillianleeza

It's been a busy week with various appointments for my Dad. He loves them because he enjoys talking with everyone and never stops. He exhausts everyone around him. But after he gets clearance from his doctors, he can have surgery.

For some reason, I am having difficulty dealing with losing my cat, Apollo. I wonder if it's because we don't have any pets now. When Hannibal died, we still had his brother. I wake up thinking he is on the bed with me. He acted more like a dog and would greet me at the door and follow me everywhere. We'd watch tv, and he'd even get up and follow me into the bathroom. I'm grateful for the extra time we had with him. He accidentally got out five years ago and was missing for five weeks. So these past five years were a bonus. He was such a sweet comfort when stress was too much.

It's going to be a quiet weekend. I see several naps in my future. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


My brother and his wife recently lost the last of three cats – a mother and two brothers. The last of the brothers recently died, and they were bereft as well. They had a simple solution: they got two kittens, also brothers. Brother and SIL certainly miss their previous cats, but the kittens don't give them a lot of time to brood about it.

I went to bed last night with ZERO ideas for the Mardi Gras comp, and woke up with a rather unsettling one. We'll see if it settles or not.

Meanwhile, I got the coffee started, Ethiopian, where coffee first originated a thousand years ago. I don't THINK these beans are that old, but you never know!

And we have pots of Red Rose and Prince Of Peace Organic Oolong teas.

Meanwhile, I have a new story out in "The Bear & the Girl" series:

The Fall

Hope y'all like it.