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3 hours ago


I'm a polar bear who sometimes thinks he's a man. But definitely Canadian, whatever else I am.

I'm mostly friendly, and like almost all people – except those who make themselves objectionable, usually around politics or through bad behaviour. 

If you're interested in knowing more, or being a friend, then by all means ask!

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“Once Upon A Time…”

In which Girl discovers treasures at the back of the store room.

“Bear…” Bear lifted his head from the rag rug in the great room, but said nothing, then put his head down again. “Bear!” Sighing, he got up. It was a cold, wet, windy day: dull, drab, and bone-chilling, and all Bear wanted to do was to lie by the fire. Bu...

Henry Again

In which Girl shows Henry who's boss…

~~~~~~~ Instead of a rabbit hopping away, it was Henry, sitting off to one side, smirking at Bear. Bear relaxed. “Did you warn them off?” he asked. Henry just nodded, then patted his tummy. Bear settled back down on the meadow grass, then started a bit wh...