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I'm a polar bear who sometimes thinks he's a man. But definitely Canadian, whatever else I am.

I'm mostly friendly, and like almost all people – except those who make themselves objectionable, usually around politics or through bad behaviour. 

If you're interested in knowing more, or being a friend, then by all means ask!

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Girl, Not Frog

In which Bear and Girl rediscover how important they are to each other

It was mid-morning, and Bear was seated on the porch, watching the mountains grow – or not grow, as the case might be. Girl was seated in her rocking chair, reading, her knees up under her chin. After a while, she put her book down and said, “Bear?” Bear’...

The Worthless Girl

In which Girl tries to leave, and Bear stops her

It was early morning, and Bear was resisting the need to get up, luxuriating in that hazy land between sleeping and waking. Then he heard feet on the floor, moving fast. He lifted his head just as the front door banged open. He lumbered up, walked curious...

Painful Encounter

In which Bear and Girl encounter another denizen of the forest – but not a friend…

Bear and Girl were out walking in the forest one afternoon. The sky was blue, there were white puffy clouds, and it was beautiful. They were chatting about everything, and nothing, and laughing about it. Suddenly, a wolverine walked out from behind a bush...