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Thunderstorms And Pain

In which Bear finds out why Girl is so afraid of thunderstorms

Bear was awoken from a sound sleep by a human torpedo as Girl thumped into his side, quivering. At first, he was puzzled, but then, when he heard the crash of thunder overhead, realized that she must have been frightened by the noise. He stroked her head....

Girl, Not Frog

In which Bear and Girl rediscover how important they are to each other

It was mid-morning, and Bear was seated on the porch, watching the mountains grow – or not grow, as the case might be. Girl was seated in her rocking chair, reading, her knees up under her chin. After a while, she put her book down and said, “Bear?” Bear’...

The Worthless Girl

In which Girl tries to leave, and Bear stops her

It was early morning, and Bear was resisting the need to get up, luxuriating in that hazy land between sleeping and waking. Then he heard feet on the floor, moving fast. He lifted his head just as the front door banged open. He lumbered up, walked curious...

Painful Encounter

In which Bear and Girl encounter another denizen of the forest – but not a friend…

Bear and Girl were out walking in the forest one afternoon. The sky was blue, there were white puffy clouds, and it was beautiful. They were chatting about everything, and nothing, and laughing about it. Suddenly, a wolverine walked out from behind a bush...

Life After Death and Ice Cream

In which Girl asks Bear whether he believes in life after death – and he replies

The two friends were lazing out in the meadow, allowing the Sun to warm them while they idly discussed life, the universe, and other stuff. The conversation had lagged for a while when Girl spoke up. “Bear,” said the Girl. “Do you have dreams when you sle...


In which Bear helps Girl see Beauty

When Bear woke up, Girl was curled up on her side, inside his body, snuggled up to him for warmth, the blanket mostly covering her, except for one foot, which stuck out. The fire had died some time ago, and it was cool inside the cabin. Bear raised his he...

Porcupine’s Gift

In which Girl realizes the import of the quill Porcupine gave her.

~~~~~~~ Previously Girl carefully put two fingers on the porcupine quill she had selected and gently pulled on it. It didn't move at first, then slowly, like from a bottle of molasses, came free. Girl held it up. "I have it, Madam. Now what?" "Why scratch...

Shimmering Curtains

In which Girl meets a very unexpected friend of Bear’s, and makes a confession.

Bear awoke with a start, then strained to listen. Something was wrong, but Bear wasn’t quite sure what, or what woke him up. He swiveled his head left and right, listening. Then he heard it. It was Girl, and she was weeping. Bear got up, and padded toward...

Downhill All the Way

In which Girl is introduced to a new sport – and pushes Bear into it.

The two friends were out for a walk. The day was so–so–overcast and dull, but the temperatures were warm, and the wind was soft, so they decided to escape the cabin for a while. They were just ambling along, not going anywhere in particular and enjoying i...

Mother’s Nature

In which Girl is told something unexpected about Mother Nature

The next morning, the two friends were quiet with each other. After saying good morning, and after both had foraged for breakfast, each in their own way, they retired to the porch, Girl to her rocker, Bear to his favourite spot at the end of the porch, lo...

“Once Upon A Time…”

In which Girl discovers treasures at the back of the store room.

“Bear…” Bear lifted his head from the rag rug in the great room, but said nothing, then put his head down again. “Bear!” Sighing, he got up. It was a cold, wet, windy day: dull, drab, and bone-chilling, and all Bear wanted to do was to lie by the fire. Bu...