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I am ______________ know its odd..sometimes I can't even explin myself..but over all im just a cool person who enjoys organized chaos !! I love anything fun or that makes me laugh which.. I seem to do a lot ..everyone is thier own tell me your story!

I enjoy anything fun..and anything that i can get a good laugh from !

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I dont really have a faviorte book...yet
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Falling for you.

The simple truth..

I can't stop. I've fallen so deep, so hard, With no evidence of how I got here. Even without your presece the thought of your name Sends chills down my spine. I imagine How the sound of your voice knocks me off my feet.Without thinking I scribble your nam...

Who am I?Today I surprised you,You didn't see me coming. I tapped you on your shoulder,And saw that beautiful smile. Then later I saw you crying, And I reminded you of your favorite moment. Again you graced me with your smile, But again you had a nightmar...

How long is forever?

How long is forever?

Look me in my eye, Can you tell me how long is forever?Well if you can't can you come with me?I remember the day you said you loved me.Remember you said it'd be forever?But now I'm alone watching the tears stream.You promised it wasn't a lie this time. I'...