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Over 90 days ago
United States


I like to write fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, and poetry.

Skiing and guitar.

Favorite Books
Narnia, LOTR, Abhorsen
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The Instinct Fear

Fear brings out the worst in people

My mind is a constant battle Of holding strong and wearing thin My thoughts are a constant prattle Of meaningless words and din. My eyes are forever seeking out The lost, the constant, in this place My head forever turned away From any contact with disgra...

Nothing but an animal Backed into a corner Haunches pressed against the wall Scared of getting stronger Hand that fed me keeps me here, Trying not to bite. How can I suppress the fear, Of hands no longer right. Blame me not for reflex mine. It was not con...

Do not be that kind to me Make not possibility I would rather be your friend Love for me has made a trend: Friendship into lust and pain Love that makes me rude and vain Scared I am to see a day When I might see you in that way. Maybe with you I’d be wron...