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Danger Stories



In which Girl meets another of Bear’s friends – and learns something important.

~~~~~~~ “I’m sorry I shouted at you, Bear.” “I’m sorry you shouted at me, too, Girl.” She chuckled, crossing her arms on her chest, and leaning back on him. The two friends sat there, staring at the fire, and listening to the rain pounding on the roof ove...


Together we may do it

An abandoned quarry. High-walled stone pit. At the bottom strolling through newfound friendship. Looking up, a bold climber's dream. "Let's do it! We can climb it." Overreachingly confident--young. One led the way. Not too difficult really. Foolish? The n...

Stranger Danger

Don't Ever Talk To Strangers

My worst fear came true My daughter talked with a strangerDoes she really not have a clueI told her endlessly about danger All people are not considered niceSome would love to hurt youThis would be the ultimate priceI pray I have gotten through A stranger...

Shark Day: The Devil, the Deep Blue Sea, and the Dizziness worse than Death

Just a little story about the day I found out there are worse things than killer sharks.

I am not a naturally brave man. I don't, as a general rule, go out of my way to put myself in dangerous situations – or even ones that I'll find very uncomfortable. But I rarely refuse a dare. That's how I've found myself bungy jumping or skydiving despit...


Thorns: Ch 6

Something is wrong, Something has always been wrong.

As soon as dinner ended, I excused myself quickly. I needed to be alone or with Aqua. The pestering feeling deepened and I felt guilty, though I had no clue why. I did something wrong, something felt horribly wrong. I made it safely to the stables. The ra...

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The Instinct Fear

Fear brings out the worst in people

My mind is a constant battle Of holding strong and wearing thin My thoughts are a constant prattle Of meaningless words and din. My eyes are forever seeking out The lost, the constant, in this place My head forever turned away From any contact with disgra...

The Girl

A Young Girl's Hope

Reader Discretion Advised The story you are about to read contains mature language and themes. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content.  * * *A young girl of only sixteen, with no love or care f...

Anger Never Pays

Anger never pays. The results can never be taken back.

My dad told me, when I was a boy, "There is nothing you can do to change or correct the past. You just have to make sure that you do not continue the same bad things in the future. You must move on." This was something I remembered to this day. My family...

Holly departed the following night leaving Carpenter to sit and ponder his next course of action. He had dealt with the hunters many times over the years and he had no qualms about killing if it meant survival, but this was the first really intelligent on...

Adventures Across the Starways - 8

I have bad news and good news....about that pendent of yours.

Chapter 8 By Kari and Khadaj Once Sive entered the bridge, Zlanta got right down to business, showing her the various stations to her new crew-mate. Since most of them looked very much like her scout ship, only much more grand, Sive had no trouble absorbi...

Doctor Vincent headed his buggy back to town. As he rode he though about the conversation he had with this man called Carpenter. He was sure that he was one of those that he had sought and destroyed all across the Western states. Be they called Nosferatu,...

Adventures Across the Starways - 7

His eyes twinkled a bit. Nice to know I can still make a young lady blush.

Chapter 7 By Kari and Khadaj At 0600 the comm dinged, and Zlanta's voice came out. "Sive, time fer breakfast an' tha tour of tha ship. Capt'n's already in the cahmon room. You awake, chile?" At Sive's answer the comm clicked off. When Sive heard the comm...