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Favorite Books
Franny and Zooey, The Bone People, The Pigman

Favorite Authors
J.D. Salinger, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Ned Vizzini, Arthur Miller

Favorite Movies
Little Miss Sunshine, Away We Go, every single Wes Anderson movie, The Wackness, Sin City, Garden State, Mean Creek

Favorite Music
As Tall As Lions, Architecture in Helsinki, Electric President, Page France, Her Space Holiday, Bright Eyes, I'm From Barcelona, A Weather, Now It's Overhead
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I remember driving in my car with you for the first time after unveiling our thoughts, and I had my hand on the gear shift, even though I didn't drive stick, that's just where I rest my hand.And you put on "Dogs" by Page France, and the windows were down...

Sometimes she crosses his mind, like when it's raining outside, and it seems a perfect scenario for a movie and some flesh warming. Those early spring mid-nights that arrive so hushed and quiet, begging for the warmth of another's company. It's not a part...

I have lived in this world long enough to gather an understanding of it. I do not remain so ignorant as to think we are the only form of life in this universe. With that fact in mind, it is hard to view any of our minuscule problems as being a "big deal.....