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The Wall

He didn't remember his name or where he had been or where he was going.

The soldier walked along the road in confusion. Carrying his rifle in ready position, he scanned the area as he walked as if he were the point man and his platoon was walking behind him. However, he was alone; there was no platoon following him. With a fo...

The Calamity Express.

Leave the driving to us Greyhound announces in their commercials

"Leave the driving to us" Greyhound announces in their commercials. I'm most obliged to leave the driving to them, hoping my trip from point A to point B is a safe and relaxing experience. However, when Murphy’s Law boards the bus with you, what can go wr...

The Silent Guns

As the twilight gave way into night, he said a small prayer that the war would soon be over

The setting sun created an eerie twilight in the woods, where only moments before, sounds of war raged. As the golden orange and red clouds stimulated Private Barney Jackson’s soul, he thought it was strange that even on the battlefield, the sunset was so...