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Over 90 days ago


Love it to the max and beyond when surrounded by the people who matter to me the most, family!!! A good book and now new found friends, woohoo. Ohhh ..and sleeping, everybody needs their rest! Sleep rejouvinates the body and awakens the spirit..hehe or DANCING, man I like to MURDER on the dance floor...AHHHH!!! YEEHAH!!! POWPOW!!!

Maxwell...hardskis!!! The SILVER SURFER. Rob Hoffman..ahhhhh cause he has got the moves, Snowboarding. My shoes collection. Mince & Cheese pie with ready salted chips. Cadbury chocolate esp Dairy Milk Bar. Baking and cooking when I am in the mood. My cartoons ..hehehe & guys who have tattoos ..yummy!!!! ohhh lastly, forum ..sometimes (nah just kidding) basically live on games forum (that is not funny)!!!

Favorite Books
The Magician, Maximum Ride: School's Out, Manga

Favorite Authors
a blast from the past, NANCY FRIDAY ..yeeeah, Raymond E.Feist, Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson Oh ..let us not forget me ..when I write an email 😂😂😂

Favorite Movies
GREEN ST. HOOLIGANS...the baddest!!! 300, Transformers 1 & 2, Starship Troopers, The Freedom Writers, Grease 1&2, Transporter 1 2&3, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Over The Top, Platoon, You Got Served, Love & Basketball, Blind Side, Rize, The Fast & The Furious 1 2&3, Mad Max Thunder Dome, Breakdance & Breakin" 2-electric boogaloo, Step Up 2 - The Streets &3, Remember the Titans, A walk to remember, Selena, Footloose, La Bamba, Five Heart Beats, Power Of One, Troy, Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Aliens, Salt, Saw (all), Equilibrium, Ivanhoe, Ever After, Romeo & Juliet (old b&w version), The Phantom of the Opera (all 3 versions), The Princess Bride, Krull, Lean on Me, Stand By Me, LOTR I II & III, all Star Wars films, TCM Channel, Walt Disney Movies, John Hughes Movies, Tyler Perry Mpvies, Drama, Thriller, SciFi, Horror, Suspense & Vins (my husband!!!) Movies ..jst to name a few!!!!

Favorite Music
WOW!!! If you really wanna know...MAXWELL he is the man!!!, D'angelo, Eric Benet, Lenny Kravitz, Roxette, Joe, Pink (all their old skool hits), Robin Thicke, J-Boog, Usher, Bobby Valentino!!!! Motown, Classical, Opera, Rock, RnB, Blues, 80s & Gospel ..ohh and anything with a major MAD beat that gets the adrenalin pumping!!!! Hardout ..yeeeeeah and my all time favourite ..U2!!!!!
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Poem to give thanks to the Lord

For sunny days and those so bleakFor winter cold and summer heatFor family and the friends I loveI give my Thanks to God above.For people that I still don't knowFor places that I've yet to goFor cats and dogs and mourning doveI give my Thanks to God above...