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Happy First Birthday

The days are long but the weeks short.

Snips and snails And puppy-dogs’ tails. Asleep, compliant, Momentarily silent. Dreaming of nips? Or plates of chips, Plus yogurt drops, And paddle pops? Defined. Ironic, dude You love sweet food; Sugar and spice, And all that's nice. That grin, your grin,...


Thoughts from three in the morning.

The hurt washes over like the ocean. Calm sails capture the wind With their chests puffed out, Rulers of the great blue seas Until a storm arrives Of doubt and regret The spray stings my cloudy eyes. It seemed fun at the time Becoming Co-captain of my own...


Whipped dreams and sweet things,  What the way I look at you implies. Envision me; a fantasy  In this moment...There are no goodbyes. So meet me in my dreams,If that’s the only way.And I will give you the best of me,I swear it. Meet me under the sky,Behin...

these walls defend the seed that growsas root and stem extend their throwsno angry mob, no crippling galecan cause the seedling spread to failthese walls allow the plant to thinkto find it's own internal syncto see the sky and see the groundand weave the...

Unabashed blood rainbow huesTossed in a sea of whittled newsA whiplash current, a greedy bearEats its fill within its lair.Stomping fields of calves and thighsPrance around with filtered eyesOne princess calls monks to her foldBlue eyes flash, 'Do as you'...

The gull sails aloft white-crested oceanas smooth as silk, in perfect motioneyes scan the surf for silver glimmersto harvest crops of scaly dinnersA glint, a meal, a hunger realan upward swoop with deft and zealone turn, a hover, then a plungesharp golden...

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This year has proved to be chaoticIt reminds me of a scientific movieThe news makes you neuroticThe world is basically gloomyThis virus is a killerSo many people have diedNothing makes this virus familiarThe numbers have caused a landslideYou have to wond...

Yes Man

An unwilling 'yes man' gets his revenge

You taught me to be a 'yes man'You ground me down like saltI once was full of questionsNow I ignore every faultYou taught me to be a 'yes man'You hated to hear 'no'So if you walk towards a cliffI'll just smile and let you go