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I'm a reader first and foremost. I spend half my day daydreaming so I end up with many ideas floating around in my head that I should pen them down and turn them into stories.

♥ reading, ice cold beers, vodka, soda & fresh lime, scarves, owls, anchors, sail boats, beach, birdcages, tea cups, lomography ♥

Favorite Books
Harry Potter Series.. Vampire Academy Series.. Narnia Chronicles.. Angela’s Ashes.. Scar Tissue.. The Pact.. The Xanth Series.. Where the Wild Things Are.. The Millennium Series- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.. The Grapes of Wrath.. Tess of the d'Urbervilles.. The Catcher in the Rye.. Gone With The Wind.. Breakfast at Tiffany's..

Luv Luv reading! Books are my form of escapism there are many books that have impacted on me greatly. I read mainly dramas.. true stories.. bios.. autiobiographies.. vampire genre..

Favorite Authors
Paul Coelho.. Hunter S Thompson.. Truman Capote.. Jodi Piccoult.. Beverley Harper.. Annie Proulx..

Favourite artists: Jackson Pollack Salvador Dali.. Camille Garcia Rose.. Picasso.. VanGogh.. Monet.. Bansky.. Stephen Wiltshire.

Favorite Movies
Bring It On.. Grease.. Little Mermaid.. Sound of Music.. Love Actually.. Brokeback Mountain.. Pirates of the Caribbean.. The Dark Knight.. X-Men Trilogy.. Wovlerine.. Sin City.. 300.. Tin Tin.. Pedro Almodóvar films.. YTu Mamá También.. Dances With Wolves... Legends of the Fall.. Inglourious Basterds... English films- Snatch.. Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels..

Favorite Music
The Prodigy... Askillz.. Deadmau5... Tiesto... breakbeats.. The Bloody Beetroots.. Avicii.. Pnau.. Gotye.. Mumford & Sons.. Angus & Julia Stone.. Little Birdy.. Kisschasy.. The Temper Trap.. Kasabian.. The Killers.. Blondie.. Tracy Chapman.. Bob Marley.. Red Hot Chili Peppers.. Oasis.. No Doubt.. Muse.. Black Eye Peas.. Bliss n Esso.. Hill Top Hoods.. Salt N Pepper.. Eminem.. so much more...
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I once found myself straddling the line between reality and fantasy. Where I walked the world in a half-dream state. Neither feeling alive nor departed. I was defunct, deadened, despondent. Days dragged on, nights were too short. I slept to remove myself...