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i am known as poetlou and i write stories in rhyme and verse

writing poetry and stories

Favorite Movies
gangster movies with Bogey, Cagney, Edward g. robinson

Favorite Music
rock and roll from the 50 s & 60 s, country, and gospel
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two thousand years later

the birth of a son

Two Thousand Years LaterI am over 2000 years old, and I am still honored today People still call me as they kneel down to pray. I have not changed in all that time I can still cure the sick, the lame, the blind. Faith can go a very long way, and I will li...

christmas story tellers

the telling of stories

All the Christmas stories the children are learning As the Christmas candle is burning. The stories are being told by grandparents and parents alike Sitting by the candle light. Oh so many stories that must be told Stories that never gets old. Stories of...

what i'm trying to say

living life to the fullest

There are lessons to be learned at every step and every turn The greatest teacher is called LIFE It will take you through struggles and strife. Every sensation, feeling and thought Through life it is taught. Every pain known to man- it will teach you to u...