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rantingsenior 1 year ago

Always Know the Context! These are NOT “dirty” Christmas Limericks!

My annual Christmas contribution. Know the complete story before you judge something!

Santa gave out a big a whackright after an elf squeezed his sack!The elf had no reasonbut it’s Christmas seasonso Santa just cut him some slack.(He squeezed Santa’s toy sack. Delicate, breakable stuff in there. But Santa w...

Anonymous 2 years ago

The Lovely Mrs. L at Christmas

... In which I celebrate my wife

  The beauty of Christmas is in her eyes,Sparkling and twinkling and saucer-sized. The love of Christmas is in her heart,Laughing and giggling with kind remarks. The joy of people, on this special day,Who honor the Savior and...

rantingsenior 2 years ago

Two Blankets and a Stick

My annual contribution; a song I wrote for my cousin as a Christmas gift.

Well, I wrote the followin’ song for my cousin as a Christmas gift. She got kinda mad at me when I told her instead a payin’ the cemetery folk to put blankets on her mom and daddy’s grave to make ‘em easier to find in the snow, we could just drive big...

Anonymous 2 years ago

This night I write, Dear Santa Claus, Please do this for me, just because I love my fellow man this year, I see, A little bit more than presents for me.   Don’t bring me presents for Christmas this year, Don’t bring me kindness or bun...

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Anonymous 3 years ago

A gift from afar

The beauty of the season is in one's heart

A carpet of frozen snowflakes doth lieAmong the grass, icy dew dissolves,The fractals, each one unique and fleetingColours, a prism in which the light evolves A little bird, ‘gainst a thorn his breast yieldsHar...

As the fallen leaves swirl in the street anda northern wind blows tis the season.Once again it's the season of "brotherly love." Santa helpers ringing their bells and wishingone and all a Merry Christmas.The local children...

rantingsenior 3 years ago

An Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Christmas

My annual contribution for Christmas next year (2018) since I’m old and my mind could go any second.

Dedicated to my precious cousin, an IBS sufferer, without whom I would never have the keen appreciation that I do for my own regularity.***An IBS Christmas***It probably does seem myopicjuxtaposing this bad topicwith icons of...

rune 4 years ago


Precious gift our heart desires...

On the eve of Christmas day, a mother just got home from working overtime at the factory to a simple house. The dark and the silence of the house welcomes her.She sets her tired ass on the hard wooden chair, raises her feet up on a box. Looking at...