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The High And The Humble Chapter Fifteen Near Exposure

Jack and Becky realise confession of their indiscretion is inevitable

Jack Wetherley walked slowly, morosely, along the front of the new stables. Not since the death of his father six years earlier, had he ever felt so low. Passing the open-gated front of the twenty, as yet, unused stalls, he was asking himself whether his...

The High And The Humble Chapter Twelve The 2000 Guineas

Jack, Becky and all consider Trafalgar's chances in the Classic

The Two Thousand Guineas. At last! Jack Wetherley’s heart pounded, as the eleven horses trotted out onto the course. The bright silks of the jockeys added to the extra colour provided by the glamorous gowns worn by the lady spectators and the maroon, purp...

The High And The Humble Chapter Eleven Against The Best

The group feeling the tension of a testing horse race

With Alf still joyous at his winning wager, he and Jack left the others and headed for the stables to prepare Trafalgar for his next big test. Reaching the stall where their thoroughbred stood. ‘Much cooler and calmer than I am,’ Jack thought. They soon h...

The High And The Humble Chapter Ten High Hopes

Jack,Becky, Alf and even Sir Oswald looking ahead to Trafalgar's Doncaster race

Heading for Doncaster race meeting, settled high on the horsebox seat, Jack knew he going to have to suppress his growing worry of what lay ahead. He flicked at the reins to urge on the two dray horses in order to keep pace with the carriage that Alf, the...

The High And The Humble Chapter Eight Intent And A Revelation

Alf guesses the truth and Jack sees Trafalgar prepared for his first race.

When Nate Oliver came for his first ride, Jack was immediately impressed by his horsemanship. Just seeing Trafalgar, drew awesome praise from the jockey. “Yes, his musculature tells me that this is a prospective winner. It is only a matter of how good he...

The High And The Humble Chapter Seven

Jack experiences is first horse meeting

It took nearly a week of trying before Trafalgar allowed the saddle to be fitted without any fuss. This was despite Sir Oswald having been informed that their purchase had been broken in. For Jack, mounting the animal proved equally difficult but Becky’s...

The High And The Humble Chapter Six The Thoroughbred

A high class horse enters the stables about to change all they lives.

Seeing the twin horse-driven polished box-like carriage heading up the main drive, Jack Wetherley’s heart gave a heave, knowing that this was his new challenge, arriving with two long-coated men sitting up front. Excitedly, he called Alf, his boss and men...

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The High And The Humble Chapter Five Worry And Surprise

Jack fears the worst when called up in front of Sir Oswald

The call that Jack had been dreading arrived the next morning. He and Alf were going through the Sunday morning routine of letting the horses out graze. A lazy morning. Until Vincent, the Brandling family butler arrived, dressed in button-up black jacket...

The High And The Humble Chapter Four Merevale Horse Race

Much fun and a threatening situation at village fayre

Saturday morning found Jack Wetherley all a-tingle. It was another bright day and that pleased him. There was no need for Aunt Rose to wake him up, as she often had to do. She placed a breakfast of bread and dripping in front of him, together with the tea...

The High And The Humble Chapter Three

Jack and Becky get closer, as Jack prepares Rascal for the race

Early Wednesday morning, Alf and Jack made their monthly wagon trip into Merevale village to collect sacks of feed and three new saddles. Alf insisted that they pay a quick visit to see Vic, the village blacksmith. Jack smiled as he guessed Vic’s reason....

The High And The Humble Chapter Two

Jack and Rebecca form a steady awareness of each other and Jack learns of the dangers

Jack cautiously eased his mount, Rascal, alongside Ebony, on whom Sir Oswald’s niece sat, so relaxed now, so damned attractive, yet so far above him socially, as he asked, “Any particular direction, m’lady?” She replied firmly, “I’m not a m’lady. I’ve tol...