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Over 90 days ago


a uni student who's trying to find time to write again. It has been a long since i've written anything and i think my skills has gone down.

Imaginative, lazy and a bit crazy. A cynical romantic.

I like writing happy ever after, mumblings and did i say romance?

reading, writing, medicine

Favorite Books
to kill a mockingbird, one more day, in death series, to die for, children's classics and a whole lot more

Favorite Authors
linda howard, nora roberts and various other authors whose names i don't remember but their written words i do remember

Favorite Movies
tangled, notting hill, kung fu panda

Favorite Music
anything and everything as long as it touches me
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inspired by a vampire story

I’ve always wondered, what I am to this world? A shadow of the past? A link to the future? Here am I, the immortal who is damned by the gods for tasting something just for them. For tasting the forbidden fruit of knowledge. I am Eve, the first woman. Afte...


a winter fantasy

The snow continuously falls as I walk through the forest. True, it is dark, but I’ve always loved the darkness. The silence that surrounds it, the mystery it gives. Silently I tread through the well beaten path, indulging myself to the momentary peace it...