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The fight

In a world strength is key.

Naomi opened the gate as she was greeted by the creaking noise of the hinges. The sight of the rose bushes along the cement walkway was an astonishing sight to see and smell. She let her fingertips graze along it as she walked. Feeling the silk-like petals of each flower she passed, she couldn't help but love the feeling. 

The moment she had got inside, she murmured to herself that she was home. In return, no one responded. This in hindsight was a good thing after all. She rubbed her eyes tiredly with the pad of her thumbs as she leans her shoulder against the lavender painted wall. Pushing herself off, she looks at the dark living room then the kitchen before jogging her way upstairs. 

Opening her bedroom door, the moonlight from the balcony window shun upon her. Yawning softly, she grabbed onto the curtains and closed it with the rest of the strength she had for the night. She stood at the foot of her bed until she fell backward into the fluffy cloud of comfort. How she missed her bed after a long time away from home. It was a blissful feeling. 

Immediately, Naomi's mind began to wonder but she shook her head and buried her face in her pillow. It wasn't the time to think so negatively about herself. She frowned a bit before drifting off to sleep. 

Minutes into her sleep, a sound of glass shattering from the hallway woke her. She quickly pushed herself out of bed while she grabbed a knife that hid under her pillow. Naomi took in a slow, deep breath as she opened the door to her room. The hall was pitch blacker than she remembered. She couldn't make out anything in the hall but she felt as if a pair of eyes were watching her. Someone was in her home but she wasn't about to blindly go attack.

She closed her door before locking it. She moved to her balcony sliding door and opened the curtains to make an exit but instead being beckoned by the moonlight, a thick black texture covered the door. Without panicking, Naomi made it to her window and discovered the same thing. By the time she turned back to her only exit, the once pale white door was consumed by blackness. Her hold onto the knife tightened in the realization that she was going to have to fight her way out. 

The door swung open with enough force that the top hinge broke off. She waited for the first attack but nothing came her way. She just watched as her room was engulfed in black, leaving nothing to see but that was alright. She didn't need to see to fight. The sound was enough for her to go by.

Naomi's head moved left to right, trying to hear the slightest noise. The 'shh' sound of a punch being thrown her way made her move into action. Skillfully dodging it, she delivered a blow of her own onto the suspect. Her eyes narrowed at the sound of a grunt, surely, it was a man attacking her. He had attacked again with a big right overhand punch. Naomi stepped out of range, but before she could bring her hands up to defend, the man drove his shoulder into Naomi's chest. Slamming her into the wall, where he started landing solid punches into her gut.

The first blow knocked the wind out of her but she managed to block the rest off the blows with her arm. Naomi twisted her body while rising her right foot and kicked the attacker off her. He stumbled back in pain and landed into furniture, breaking it in the process. He was laying on his back when Naomi slammed her foot into his stomach. She felt warm liquid splatter onto her leg but it didn't stop her from repeating the act. The floor under them collapsed and they both fell to the first floor. Unlike the man, Naomi landed right on her feet.

She tightened her fist as she smashed the spot where the man was but he had already moved. She now stood in a medium size crater with anger rolling down her body. This asshole made her destroy her room and the living area. He wasn't going to get away with it. She tried to look around but the same darkness greeted her. Cursing to herself, she rose her hands up in defense and waited for the man to reappear. Instantly, she heard the sound of a firework go off and sudden pain took over her left shoulder. 

Wrenching in pain, she reached for it and felt warm blood dripping from the new wound. Too distracted, she wasn't able to avoid the hands that were now wrapped around her neck. He started to apply pressure to her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. She tried kicking and punching him to let her go but it just made him grunt and squeeze harder. Clawing at his hands, she felt herself succumbing to nothing. The last thing she felt was her body hitting the floor while the man said something to her.



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