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Lost, but always together (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 of Lost, but always together. If you're slightly confused at the end, it'll become clear!

Chapter 2:

I snapped up instantly to my feet. I walked towards the door, although I halted as the words kept repeating in my head.

“Wait here”

“Really Quiet”

I trembled, as I had no courage to go outside. Although now I think I felt the way Father did, the sense of unease and angst latched onto me. I stood paralysed by fear, but a burning sense of curiosity made my body shake slightly. A feel of sickness wavered over my body, as I clutched firmly onto my uneasy stomach.

“Really Quiet”

Surely, if I could somehow just peer outside, all I’d need to do would be to just look and then I’d understand what was going on? I argued with myself for what seemed forever, time became frozen now that I think about it. The whole thing became a void of confusion, looking back on it.

Slowly creeping my feet across the frozen wooden floor, I shakily reached towards the door handle, flinching at the slight creaking sound warning me. Still though I managed to somehow draw the door back, all the way revealing the dark night which sat behind it, to let out a breath which sucked in the unsweetened frosty breeze. Up through my nose the chill seemed to numb my entire throat. It was at that moment I couldn’t decide which was really stopping me, the temperature or the fear.

“Um, Ryker, you don’t have to keep going.” Ezi quietly spoke. I felt her soft, comforting and slightly soothing voice bring me back from the trance. My eyes quickly shut open, as tears rested behind them. My body urged a breath out, I hadn’t realised I was so breathless, the blatant shudder forced out causing my whole body to shake as if breaking free from a chain.

As I looked up, my face met with Ezi’s. I saw her face pale, as if she was also entrapped by it too. I was back into the room, but I could see the horror had struck her, as I figured she knows exactly what happened next. I think her eyes give it away, her restless magenta pupils held tears behind them. In fact it’s her eyes which strike many as odd, but I know that it’s her level of perception which really sets her aside. Beneath her hair; which I can only place close to Coconut, sat a brilliant mind. Except not many see past her unusual appearance, other than her laid back attitude she struggles with people skills so I guess it’s for that reason we stuck together here, fighting against everyone else in a sense.

“No, I know, but...” I tried to continue, sheepishly looking down to avoid the inevitable.

“Seriously? Why cut it short like that?” A hand tugged me on the shoulder, tugging me away from the defensive and withdrawn poise I’d adopted once again. Such a sudden force had made me fall back onto the sheet guised as a duvet. My view was of the wooden panel running across the slanted ceiling of the orphanage. It only took a dim bulb to phase my vision again, it was either the water seeping towards my eyes, to again bring back that night seven years ago. I didn’t have time to pause before my mind took over to re-live that night again.

I took a bold step out onto the grass, where tall grass grabbed my ankles, as if holding me back. I could feel the soft lines brushing back against my feet, but there was a rough brush trying to paint against my fair legs, leaving irritable paints of red. Ignoring the rough touch I stepped forward to look around, I could see the barricade of trees surrounding the isolated cabin. It was in this large field where terror started to grip me firmer. I could hear nothing, which petrified me. It felt like that gunshot had passed hours ago, time wasn’t thawing yet, as the frozen touch began to grow colder.

I gasped, snapping my head up to see small tears of snow drop gently and dazzle down from the miserable grey night sky. I could see the dancing water pellets spiral onto my head, where it would, for a second, numb the spot it tapped. Only for a brief second would the temperature make me begin to shudder, but instantly melt to join the blazing sweat my face cried out. It all felt surreal, like I was taking my time to observe the scenery in a moment of timeless confusion. I was about to feel a gentle calm from the thickening snow, until a sudden force hit me.

I felt a silent jab thrust swiftly into my lower back, pushing my entire paralyzed body onto the floor. Even with the force I wasn’t able to hit the floor, as an arm swung to wrap itself around my throat and lower chest. I wasn’t sure at first, the force didn’t prove age, it was a strike which anyone could have made, but the scaled arm yanked me, lifting my entire body above the ground. I attempted to struggle, or produce some response, but I felt the force holding me captive keeping me from uttering even a word or a gasp.

It got worse from here, but my memory again has more blanks and I couldn’t take anything in. I just remember lying on a cold mourning floor. I opened my eyes to see darkness shrouding the forest I had no idea even existed. I opened my eyes, felt my head (which was damp), and dried off the iron painted redness on the muddy white floor. There seemed to be marks of my blood dabbed across the set snow. It was until I heard a voice which snapped me out of it.

“Oh great, you’re up.”

I felt another burst of pressure hitting into my side, throwing my body onto its other side, I barely got a glance of the blackening sky where midnight had hit its peak. I remember coughing. I suddenly was aware that I was inhaling smoke, and a bitter warmth burnt the back of my throat. It blazed an urge to cough, as if the fumes were pulling out my life. But as I battled to open watery eyes; also trying to fight through the thin unsuspecting smoke, I could see the true horror before my eyes.

I tried to croak any type of sound, as I saw a body sprawled out in front of me, a few feet away was the source of the fire, I could see smoke seeping from the incinerated body. As soon as I could take in the sight, I could feel my blood surging round my body, with strength causing me to shakily stand, to see ahead a man whom I knew all too well. I could see the five men flailing, as the figures darted round. I kept still, still amazed I could stand, but I hadn’t time before I turned my head to examine the scene ahead of me, passing the burning body. I could see father too well.

Swinging sideways, and carelessly throwing his body around, he was hitting his legs, arms and whatever he could into the figures trying to come closer to him. Hearing cries, grunts of pain and roaring from men attempting to break his nerve echoed through around the forest. Even the fire had calmed to witness the awe-inspiring speed and skill he demonstrated. It seemed laughable that Father even thought of attempting to pass this onto me. Within seconds, I found myself unable to remain amazed. It was because something, suddenly seemed very wrong. To assure me, came another gunshot.

Stunned, everything was silenced. Battle cries had disappeared. I gasped, as air finally trailed out of me. I could see ahead Father stopped, carrying his whole weight on one knee, with an outstretched arm palmed onto the floor. I couldn’t see his face, but I didn’t need to. Worn hair seemed black, hung over his face, like drawn curtains to hide a stormy morning. As a figure behind him slammed his foot onto the warrior's back, my dad sunk to the floor. I felt my stomach flip, and blood throttled around my body, part of me wanting to run, as fast I could while the other side wanted to wake up from this persistent hell.

But it wasn’t over yet.

No time was left between the fall, and the man yanking the back of my tattered shirt. I was abruptly turned to be tripped backwards, where my back slammed onto the floor. I could feel the heat rising close by me, but I paid no attention as the man towered over me, with a wicked smile lighting up a sneer.

I winced, as I captured him into my blurry sight. A thick scar running from his forehead, but cut diagonally through his left eye where it seemed to disappear until he blinked carried on through his eye lid, where it ended at his jaw line. It was slightly jagged, but I could feel my pulse throbbing in my neck, where my bloodstream had hit peak speed. Scared is an understatement, with the purple plated armour covering his neck at the centre rose a small diamond shaped head. It bulked his shoulders, as well as raising his chest, and following down to the midnight purple belt. It seemed fitting, that black scales pointed around his waist. Never had I seen such a jagged pattern, with what seemed to have no space for any equipment. Scar-face. I call him Scar-face.

“Take a good look. Your last sight should be something to remember.” A snide low voice protruded from beneath the diamond. I could still see the edges of a proud smile, but his lower face was covered. As Scar-face reached towards his waist, his black tight gloves made no sound as they slid against the scaly belt. Suddenly I understood the purpose, as underneath came a camouflaged sheath he drew, the dagger had edges filed down so that they shone. It fitted well with his armour, and his face seemed to glow even more from the thirst of finally raising the weapon. I tried to raise my arm, to try to find some kind of defence.

“No offence kid, but you had no chance to begin with,” Scar-face sighed, with no pity. I realised my body was too shaken to even move, with a shooting pain from my side and aching all over. I drew my breath as I knew this was it. Without hesitation, he drew his right arm with the dagger primed to strike as I felt my heartbeat raise quicker and heavier with each beat. I was so entrapped I couldn’t even close my eyes, to cower at my final moment. It seemed time again had slowed down to make the most of every second…


I had shut my eyes. Only when I felt nothing, did I snap awake. In front of me, I saw a man shielding the attack, with arms spread out like a star. Acting as a barrier, Father stood there solidly, his head turned towards me so I could see his amber eyes glint through a couple of strands of hair.

“I knew you’d come.” A tear ran from his eye, with a painful smile. As I peered round, still trying to stay on the floor, I saw the dagger raised by the side of him. Blood dribbled from the stationary weapon, as a startled man stood still, glaring at Father. Even before I could say anything, it wasn’t over.

“As for you,” Father grunted, instantly tipping his head back and slamming it back onto Scar-face. Even though it was strong, there was pain grinding through his teeth. Within seconds, the startled man crashed back onto the floor, falling all the way without anything to cushion his head smacking against the terrain.

“D-Dad,” I whispered, as he also fell to the floor. As if planned, he landed next to the burnt corpse. I didn’t even need to think about it, I crawled my way back to him, looking over to where a trail of blood led from where he had leapt from his two previous attackers who were also down. I sat between Father and the burnt body, as I examined a bullet shaped wound carved Father’s chest, with the newly pouring wound seeping with blood.

I held onto his rough and safe hand, to feel it grow colder. It wasn’t just the temperature, I had tears streaming from my face now cascading within the air to splash upon his hand and the ground around it.

“Rkyer,” Father whispered. He was pushing to speak.

“You don’t need to say anything, you’re hurt!” I cried back, but his warm smile cut through.

“No, I want to though. You know. Your mother was so beautiful.” His voice was lower, as I heard the man of steel break into a sob. “Look what they did to your beautiful mother, Ryker.”

“Wha- what?” I replied, not wanting to put the pieces of information together. Father moved my hand along with his and took hold of the burnt body’s hand, covering its ring. I cried out even more, until my voice had become a shriek.

“It’s okay, Ryker.” My wailing instantly stopped as I suddenly heard shouting from a distance, filling the surrounding trees with voices of men.

“Don’t worry, I called for help just after leaving you back there, but it seems I was a bit late. Just like how I was with you. I’m sorry that we couldn’t have provided you better.” Father winced, and I could feel his hand getting colder.

“But you know, we were going to work harder, your mother and I for you. We—we promised that we’d do whatever it took for you to find your way in this world. But now I see that I’ve done everything I can, so now we can look upon you from above.” Father tilted his head back, as I felt his grip lessen more.

“We love you Ryker. Don’t ever forget that.”

“But I can’t do anything without you!” I realised my grip was tight around both my parents' hands, my voice cold and shaken.

“Without us? Ryker, we’ll always be with you, right here.” Father lifted our hands, and kept it on my chest, where I could feel my heart frantically beating. Before any longer though, I heard one final cry, and with that my father’s eyes shut, as his head touched the ground for one last time.

I sat and held all three of our hands, together, it felt freezing but I wouldn’t let go. I stared up into the sky, as I cried for what seemed like hours, until I had no more tears to lose. Even when I refused to move as others approached, I continued to crush our hands tighter to my heart, and I didn’t stop crying. I knew it took a while for them to persuade me to leave, but I refused to let go of the last of my family: My hand. Mother’s hand. Father’s hand.

And only when I was torn away did I realise it had stopped snowing. 

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