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John......the Ghost chapter 1 by kscorn080 (pete)

"Ghosts aren't always bad."
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John.....the Ghost ch 1

Jimmy Seemore awakes early Saturday morning. He goes to the kitchen where his Mom, Sara prepares breakfast.

Jimmy is ten years old and has done very well in school this year and is looking forward to his first job this summer. He has promised the Blakes next door that he will watch over their house, mow their yard and care for their big dog Jake. Jake is a big chocolate Lab, he and Timmy have practically grown up as neighbors. The Blakes are paying Jimmy fifty dollars a week and will be gone three weeks.

Art Seemore walks into the room and kisses his wife on the cheek, "Good morning Sara, good morning Jimmy, I see that you are ready to go to work next door."

Sara puts breakfast on the table, "Come on guys eat it up, it will be a long day and it's going to be hot." She looks around the table and smiles, "I will be going shopping today so if there is anything that either of you needs write it on my notepad on the counter. Jimmy, I should be home around eleven and your Dad is working till four so you will have to be careful. Take your time on what you are doing especially using that big mower of Gene's."

"I know Mom, Mr. Blake let me drive it when he mowed the other day and he said I did a great job. Mrs. Blake said that I have to be very careful and only put one teaspoon of food into their aquarium. She also said that I could let Jake run between our yards and he can sleep with me."

Art finishes eating and gets ready to leave. He then kisses Sara goodbye and looks proudly at his son, "Remember Jimmy to think safety with anything you do and if it doesn't look safe then put it off till I get home and we'll do it together."

"I'm sure that I can do everything Mr. Blake asked me to do Daddy, but if I'm not sure of anything I will wait for you."

Later Jimmy feeds and waters Jake and plays with him for awhile. He uses the key Mr. Blake has left with him and goes in to feed the fish. As he stands quietly admiring the many different colors of fish, he stops and listens closely. A cold chill creeps up his back as he hears plainly somebody talking in the bedroom.

He hurries through the kitchen and opens the back door, letting Jake in. Jake goes very still his ears cocked forward and he growls menacingly. He takes several steps towards the voices and then whimpers and retreats to the back door.

Jimmy runs to his house, taking Jake with him. Sara having gotten home early from shopping, looks out and sees Jimmy sitting on the back steps with Jake.

She opens the back door, "Jimmy why are you sitting out here, I could have used some help bringing in the groceries?"

Jimmy looks up at her, his face pale, "Mom there is someone in the Blake's house in the bedroom, I heard them talking and it scared Jake, so we come here till you got here."

Sara turns and calls 911 on her cell phone, "Hello dispatch we need an officer to come to 34096 Clearview. There is an intruder in the neighbor's house and they are on vacation."

"We advise you to stay away from the house ma'am an officer is on the way as we speak."

A few short minutes later and a patrol car pulls up in front and the officer walks slowly up on the porch and Jimmy gives him the key to the Blake's house. The woman police officer is getting details down for her report.

Later the officer comes back, "Ma'am I checked out the lower level and the upper level and there is definitely no one in there."

Sara thanks the officers for coming so quickly and they leave. Jimmy blushing brightly, "Mom I'm positive I heard voices and I let Jake in and he growled and wanted back out."

"Well Jimmy you go and start mowing and we'll see what Daddy says."

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