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What can Ian do about the voice inside his mind that he is convinced is demonic possession?

It’s a demon, he thought. It has to be. For the past week, he had had migraine-like headaches which he believed was a supernatural occurrence. This spirit had gained entry to his mind, and now it wanted to get out, but it couldn’t, so banged away at his s...


Voice of Insanity

Just a poem that came to me while walking, not reflecting on my real life.

You believe me if I told you a story, Of a girl who was so lonely, She would break her own heart To keep from falling in love.You might think this strange, Maybe she is deranged, Purposely keeping everyone away, Even those she trusts.It seems so clear som...


Those same old voices

When will it end, these voices in my head?

I can hear them chanting my name, Snickering, whispering, mocking. They remind me of everything I have done. I cannot block them out or get them to stop. They repeat those same old words. You're to blame, you're at fault. I think I know when they appeared...

Candles Glow

The dimmest glow can light ones pathway home.

The flicker of a candle’s glow brightens the darkest caverns, illuminating gloomy passages, casting shadows upon the walls of the hand, that shields it’s flame from gusty breezes. Providing a warm ambiance, carrying the bearer forward, guiding their way h...

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Thought I heard my nameTurned aroundNo one thereStill I wonder to myselfWho called me?Was it the wind I heard?I know you called meClosed my eyesThere it is againVery soft whispers in the windI ask my friendDo you hear it?No, was all you saidThe voice in t...