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Desire of the Samurai Chapter Six

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Days had passed since Kenji and Aikasa’s painful goodbye. Until now, she couldn’t grasp the idea that they were already through. The past few nights were pure torture. She wept until she fell asleep with Kenji in her mind. People could say that she was heartless for choosing her dream over him but ironically, she did not regret every decision she had made that day. Yes, she was hurt but she didn’t regret doing it. She just hoped that one day Kenji would forgive her.

Today was the day Aikasa had been waiting for a very long time.  She was sitting at the edge of her queen size bed. She would be missing all of these. But for the sake of her dreams, she would trade all she had in order to pursue it. The knock on her door cut her trance. Akihiro peeked.

"Sis, are you ready?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'll be down in a minute," she answered with a sigh.

"Okay then. We’ll wait downstairs.” With that, Akihiro closed the door.

She got up and head to her closet. On the very corner, she spotted what she had been searching for. She opened the black box and caressed the picture of her and Kenji grinning under the sunny sky. Aikasa picked it up and carefully put it into her bag.

Aikasa’s family was patiently waiting for her in their living room. They knew that she was hurting about her decision but didn’t say any word about it. 

The trip to the airport was unusually quiet. No one had the courage to break the silence. Each of them stared outside the window. Aikasa let it stayed that way afraid that even before she boarded on the plane, she would break down in front of them. 

These past few days had been queasy and frail. Everyone seemed to be walking on eggshells when they were around her and Aikasa hated it. No matter how she was hurting right now, she wished she could just fly away already to hide the pain and keep it all to herself. She didn’t want them to worry about her.

Ryonosuke parked the car. He got out and head towards the trunk to pick up her sister’s baggage. Himeko walked with her daughter and wrapped her arms around Aikasa as they entered the lobby. 

Soon enough, Aikasa’s flight was called. She bid her farewell to her family. She walked away from them sparing one last glance and waved goodbye. From that day onwards, changes in her life had finally begun.


Sitting under the big willow tree thinking how the odds turned against him dampened Kenji’s already ruined mood. Today was Aikasa's departure. After what had happened that day, he couldn’t bring himself to see her before she leaves. 

He didn’t know why she did this to him. The pain was still raw. Even the thoughts of her caused tremendous pain in his heart. The rational side of him thought that this was what she wanted, to pursue her dreams. And as the man who loved her dearly, he should accept her decisions no matter painful it is. 

There were times where he hated himself. He hated that he loved her in every single way that he knew. Kenji loved her so much that he was willing to overlook the things Aikasa did to him. He was willing to wait for her no matter how long it would be. But as of now, as the sun sets, Kenji just wanted to forget the pain he had been feeling and willed himself to slumber in peace; under the big willow tree, he and Aikasa claimed to be theirs.


Written by FrustratedSpeaker
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