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Desire of the Samurai Prologue

Her desire could be the only thing that will destroy all that she loves.

Standing in front of Principal Ozawa’s office door made her feel shivers all over her body. She does not know the reason why she was being called, but Tachibana-sensei told her it was something important. Thus, here she was. She knocked several time...

Anonymous 4 years ago

Back off!Build the wall!If you don't make the climb,you won't take the fall!Don't take the chance,it's not worth the cost!Nothing won,Nothing lost!Leave nothing to doub...

bella685 4 years ago

Now and Forever

"Damn you," I spat out, "You promised me forever. What happened to our forever?"

I sat leaning against the stone pillar of the decades-old bridge, watching as the sun began to rise over the horizon, my legs dangling over the edge, my hand resting on the recently installed railing.No traffic would cross the bridge coming into...

bella685 4 years ago


When my first love broke my heart

I lie in bed at night, softly crying out your name;Because you touched my heart, I'll never be the same; You held me very gently, with much tenderness and care,But you gave me only a moment of your love and life to share;Now...

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lg68 5 years ago


the sound of silence...

The silence of your voice is deafening Its absence deeply felt is extreme Your thoughts are a jumbled mess I cannot decipher what you mean The haunted look within your eyes Fills me with a profound ache Your body sha...

adi_me 5 years ago

Insane Pain

Excerpts from my head

Everything is such a mess. Everything I touch turns to dust and every time I speak, you look at me with disgust. I don’t know who to trust and wonder is this love or lust. And I don’t want to care about those who stare. I don’t want to share with anyone w...