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Desire of the Samurai Prologue

Her desire could be the only thing that will destroy all that she loves.




Standing in front of Principal Ozawa’s office door made her feel shivers all over her body. She does not know the reason why she was being called, but Tachibana-sensei told her it was something important. Thus, here she was.

She knocked several times and waited until she heard Principal Ozawa’s voice beckoning her to enter. She reached for the doorknob and quietly entered the room. He was seated on his large but seemed to be very comfy chair; his head buried on to stacks of papers piling on his massive mahogany table.

“Principal Ozawa? Tachibana-sensei told me that you have something important to say to me?” she politely asked.

“Ah, Miss Sakuraba! Come in, come in. Indeed, I told Tachibana-sensei to call for you. As you already know, I have some news for you. A very good one in fact.” he said while motioning for her to sit down.

“You see Miss Sakuraba, the scholarship you are striving to get was finally approved. You just need to finish some papers, and you are good to go.”

Elated from what she heard, her curious face turned into a full-blown smile.

“I am very much delighted to hear this wonderful news, Principal Ozawa but if you do not mind me asking, how long do I still have before I depart?” she asked.

“As long as your papers are finished you are good to go. A few weeks long perhaps. I advise you to tell your family this pleasant news as early as possible. Your Otou-sama and I are friends for a very long time and knowing him; he probably needs more time to accept this since you are his only daughter.” Principal Ozawa said, looking at her intently.

She stared at the floor giving a thought to what Principal Ozawa had said. Truly, her Otou-sama and he were friends for a very long time, and he likely knows how her Otou-sama would react if she won’t tell him as early as possible.

And Kenji.

How was she supposed to break this news to him?

Nodding her head, she looked up “I understand, Principal Ozawa. I will tell him as soon as possible. Thank you for telling me this wonderful news.” she got up and gave Principal Ozawa a slight bow before heading to his door; but before she could hold the doorknob, he had spoken to her again.

“Hold on, Miss Sakuraba. I forgot to tell you congratulations on finally getting closer to your dreams” he smiled warmly “and while you are at it, send my regards to Genjiro-san.”

A faint smile grazed her lips “Your regards will be sent to him immediately, Principal Ozawa. Arigato gozaimasu.” she bowed again before him and headed outside of his office. She gently closed the door after her and sighed.

She made her way down the hall and to the school’s massive gates. The bell rang, sign that the time for classes had come to an end and the long day was finally finished. The hall was suddenly filled with students who were happily going out of their respective classrooms.

Some were slowly making their way to the school gates, laughing. Some were talking and whining about how their day went. Some were walking by themselves, feigning indifference on their surroundings. She wondered what these people were thinking and feeling right now.

Did they all have their own worries just like her right now?

Her feelings were in chaos. Part of her felt elated while the other part felt dejected. She knew that her Otou-sama would come to terms with her decisions eventually but Kenji? She did not really want to know. She was afraid of the outcome of her impulsive choices. She was sure that things would get troublesome in the near future, but she was hoping, seriously hoping that all would be well.







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