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The Unforgettable Romance

"A young fighter finds love in the person who was responsible for him being kicked out of his father's home."

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Author's Notes

"This is my first story and I am a bit nervous. I been brainstorming the plot for some time and this is my first time on this site so bear with me."

Chapter 1

Atticus sat with his friends at Pizza Hut, the atmosphere buzzing with excitement and relief after they had all successfully passed their final exams. The aroma of freshly baked pizza and the sound of cheerful chatter filled the air as they indulged in a well-deserved celebration.

Atticus was described as an athletic-built young man with milky white skin, raven black hair styled straight to his shoulders with a center parting and two bangs, similar to Jin Kazama, and azure eyes. He was wearing his school uniform, a dark blue v-neck blazer with rolled-up sleeves and the school's logo on the left breast, checkered green pants, and brown leather shoes.

"So, guys, now that we're officially done with school, what's next?" Atticus asked, taking a sip of his soda.

"We still have graduation coming up, Atticus," Mia stated cheekily as she grabbed a slice of vegan pizza.

Mia Chang is a young woman of Chinese descent, around eighteen years old, and she was wearing the female equivalent of Atticus's uniform.

"True, Mia," Atticus replied with a chuckle. "But we’re one step closer to being free from the shackles of high school. I can’t wait to finally spread my wings and fly."

Mia grinned, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “I’m sure you’ll soar high, Atticus. Maybe too high for us to keep up with you.”

Atticus laughed, his eyes sparkling with amusement. “Oh, I’ll always stay grounded with you guys around. We’re a team, remember?”

The group shared a moment of camaraderie, savoring the connection that had grown between them throughout their school years. As they devoured their pizzas and shared stories from their favorite classes or exam stress, the bond between them only grew stronger.

"I can’t believe we pulled it off," Marcus declared, wiping his mouth with a napkin. “I was sure that math exam was going to be the death of me.”

Tyler nodded in agreement. “I think we all felt that way. But we stuck together and helped each other through. That’s what friends are for, right?”

Atticus raised his soda can in a mock toast. “To friendship, final exams conquered, and limitless possibilities ahead.”

Atticus asked seriously, “But, seriously, when we do graduate, what's next?” He looked at his friends with a curious expression.

His friends, Mia, Marcus, and Tyler, exchanged knowing glances before Marcus spoke up. "I was thinking... what if we started our own martial arts promotion company? We all have a passion for combat sports, and I think we could make it big if we put our minds to it."

Atticus's eyes lit up at the idea. "That's a great idea, Marcus! We could host tournaments, showcase up-and-coming fighters, and make a name for ourselves in the industry."

Mia chimed in, her eyes gleaming with enthusiasm. "I love that idea! We could bring a fresh perspective to the world of martial arts promotions and create something truly unique."

Tyler nodded in agreement. "I'm in. This could be our ticket to success, guys. Let's do this!"

Mia asked, “Hey Atticus, has your dad been blowing up your phone or sending any messages to you via social media?” She looked at Atticus with a curious expression on her face.

Marcus and Tyler looked at Atticus with concern as they saw Atticus's face turn stony, but they noticed his eyes shone with anger and hatred.

Atticus spoke, “Well, from freshman year to junior year, he has been blowing up my phone and my social media page for some reason, causing me to get annoyed. One day, before we went for our summer job after our junior year, I decided to block him on both. Best decision I made.” He spoke with a hint of pride.

Tyler asked, “Why is he suddenly trying to contact you after he kicked you out for his new family and for you calling him out?” He looked disgusted at the thought of kicking out one's kin for being called out for unfair treatment.

Atticus's voice was tinged with a mix of unresolved emotions as he answered Tyler, "I’m not sure why he's suddenly trying to reach out now. Maybe he's had a change of heart or just wants something from me. But after everything that happened, I’ve learned to prioritize my well-being and focus on moving forward."

Mia placed a comforting hand on Atticus's shoulder, her eyes reflecting empathy and support. "You've shown incredible resilience, Atticus. Whatever he wants, know that we have your back."

Marcus nodded in agreement. "Family doesn't have to be blood-related, Atticus. We're your family too, and we'll always stand by you."

Atticus looked at his friends, gratitude shining in his azure eyes. "Thank you, guys. I’m grateful to have you all as my chosen family. With your support, I know we can overcome any challenge, including whatever my father throws our way."

A renewed sense of camaraderie filled the air as the friends shared a moment of silent understanding, their bond strengthening in the face of uncertainty.

Tyler broke the silence with a determined glint in his eyes. "Whatever comes our way, whether it's starting our martial arts promotion company or dealing with family issues, we'll face it together. Nothing can break the bond we've forged over the years."

Marcus spoke, “Yeah, you're right, Ty. We are in it together.” He looked at his friend with a determined expression.

Atticus spoke, “Agreed. We support each other in our martial arts ventures and school.” He was glad to have friends who supported his ventures in Shotokan Karate, Full-contact karate, kickboxing, and Shootboxing.

Mia spoke, "You are right, Atticus. Even though we have our folks, you guys supported my venture in Taekwondo.” She looked at her friends with a smile of gratitude.

Tyler smiled warmly, “Along with supporting my wrestling and my Brazilian jiu-jitsu.” He looked at his friends at the table.

Marcus smirked, “And, of course, you guys cheered the loudest for me when I had my boxing fights.” He looked at his friends with appreciation in his onyx eyes.

As the night carried on, filled with laughter and shared dreams of their future, the group of friends felt a sense of unity and purpose like never before. They knew that no matter what challenges came their way, they had each other’s backs and a shared passion that would guide them through the next chapter of their lives.

As Atticus and his friends left Pizza Hut, he couldn’t shake off the feeling of familiarity that washed over him upon seeing the man and woman in the fancy car. Their presence at his past karate tournaments and kickboxing matches triggered memories of their mysterious appearances in the crowd, always watching Atticus with intense interest and silent observation.

The man, with a well-groomed beard and a sharp, tailored suit, exuded an air of mystery and authority. His eyes, dark and penetrating, seemed to hold a hidden depth that unnerved Atticus. The woman beside him was elegant and poised, her gaze soft but calculating, as if she held secrets that she was unwilling to reveal.

Atticus's friends noticed the tension in his posture as he locked eyes with the couple in the car. Mia's voice broke the silence, her tone laced with concern. "Atticus, do you know them? They seem to be fixated on you. What's going on?"

Atticus hesitated, his mind racing to make sense of the situation. "I've seen them before at my tournaments, but I don't know who they are or why they're watching me now. It's unsettling, to say the least," Atticus explained to his friends.

Marcus, always ready to analyze the situation, spoke up. "They definitely stand out from the usual crowd. We should be cautious. Let's stick together and keep an eye on them as we head home."

As the car lingered at the curb, the man leaned towards the woman, exchanging a few words that were too quiet for Atticus and his friends to hear. The tension in the air thickened, amplifying the sense of unease that had settled over the group.

With a final, lingering gaze, the car pulled away, disappearing into the night with an air of mystery trailing behind it. Atticus felt a shiver run down his spine, a sense of foreboding settling in his gut.

As they made their way home, the friends stuck close together, sharing nervous glances and exchanging whispers about the mysterious couple. Atticus couldn't shake the feeling that their presence meant something significant, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Once they arrived at their neighborhood, Atticus and his friends parted ways, each lost in their thoughts about the events of the evening. Atticus couldn't shake off the feeling that the man and woman in the fancy car held a key to a mystery that had yet to unfold.

As Atticus lay in bed that night, his mind raced with questions and uncertainties. Who were the mysterious couple, and why were they watching him? What secrets did they hold, and what did their presence mean for his plans with his friends?

Determined to find answers and unravel the mystery, Atticus drifted off to sleep, his mind filled with visions of martial arts promotions, family conflict, and the elusive figures in the fancy car.

Little did he know that the events of that evening were only the beginning of a journey that would test his courage, loyalty, and resolve in ways he never could have imagined.

And so, as a new day dawned, Atticus found himself standing on the threshold of a new chapter in his life, ready to face whatever challenges awaited him with the unwavering support of his friends and the strength of his martial arts training.

The adventure had only just begun.

As Atticus prepared to face the unknown, he couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement at the possibilities that lay ahead. Whatever the future held, he knew one thing for certain – with his friends by his side, he was ready to take on whatever challenges came his way.

And with that determination burning bright in his heart, Atticus stepped forward into the dawn of a new day, eager to embrace the mystery and adventure that awaited him.

Written by Kingman1234
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