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redwriter 2 years ago

A Warmer Reality

Man in early forties tries to come to terms with his father's indisposition

---“It’s not him, is it, Jack? It’s just not him.” My mother’s despairing words were a mournful poem that reverberated inside my head whenever I visited the hospital. She was so right. The wizened shell inhabited by something totally alien was a par...

  Drinking my coffee, trying to remember. ... your voice ... your touch ... your laughter. As I sit, looking out our window. You come back to me. Deep from my heart. You gave me a squeeze. ... why ... why Have you...

Anonymous 3 years ago

On My Mind

Love is gone

Right on time you're on my mind, it happens every day The love I lost, the pain I feel since you went away   You hid your feelings, so I never knew the things I said were hurting you   Without warning, it was over you found y...

I am sorry. There is little more that I can say. I was not the man you thought I was. In a better world, I would have loved you from afar, crying as I saw you pair up with another but seeing you happy. I have always known that I was different and not i...

They say that happiness is a choice  I don't recall ever saying I don't want to be happy  If happiness is a choice, doesn't that mean that depression is too?  When standing in the line, I don't remember ever sa...

Some days are worse than othersBut just the same, some days are better than othersAnd when there not a lot goes through my mind I feel like I'm not enough Or like what I do won't make a differenceI feel like my world...

Anonymous 4 years ago


it is a story about love that takes an unexpected turn when evil is done in the name of ''LOVE''

 A LETTER TO AN IMPRISONED OBSESSOR.  I gave you my heart but not my mind even though I had always lost myself in your presence, you had me, you took me, you use...

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Whispers float in my ear and singAbout so many hurts and other thingsLies, truths, does it matter now A friend was all I wanted for meTo laugh with, to just beWas it too much to askTo hope it would last

gillianleeza 5 years ago

Drip, Drip, Drop

This is and isn't what you think it's about

Drip, drip, drop, I hear it hit the floor and I cryAll love that was, existed now and before is goneDrip, drip, drop, faster it flows, I just let it goThe pain caused, unrelenting it continues onDrip, drip, drop, pooling, p...