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Elementals Chapter 5

Noah travels to the city at last.

Chapter Five

Before Noah could say anything more Primordious had already pulled him into the storm clouds and he was struggling to keep up. He couldn’t see even an inch in front of him; he tightened his grip on the Ethereal allowing it to guide him. From time to time he would encounter wet patches of the clouds and become soaked. Other times he would feel a discharge of static all around him and would suddenly be whisked away in another direction.

Noah felt an odd mix of fear and excitement as he was guided through the storm. And not for the first time he questioned Primordious intent wondering if this was some cruel game by the intelligent Elemental or something else, but so far the ethereal has been nothing but supportive to him and his cause. He knew it could have killed him at any moment and part of him did believe that Primordious was helping him for the right reason; even if he didn’t know what or why.

His thoughts were soon enough ended when they came out to a clearing in the storm. Noah could see there was a large spherical break between the clouds and lightning bolts. He still couldn’t see the stars above and began to question how high up did the storms in the thunder plains extend; all the way to space? He floated next to Primordious waiting patiently for, what he didn’t know, until it came out of the storm clouds on the other side of the opening.

A massive dragon with two large horns sticking out of its head, its body was colored with shades of dark blue and some white streaks around it. Lightning crackled around it and when it roared the storm clouds fluxed around shifting with energy. Noah knew what this kind of dragon was right away, a lighting dragon; a legendary Elemental.

Primordious let go of Noah and left him alone there to confront the dragon. He could also feel the Elemental’s presence that was always in his head suddenly disappear. Perhaps it was the fact that he had left him in the opening of a dangerous and endless storm, but Noah never thought he’d suddenly miss the presence of Primordious inside his head.

Noah watched with growing anticipation as the elementals stared at each other likely having a telekinetic conversation. He didn’t mind waiting on the ground but up there in the storm, he was terrified.

Eventually Primordious returned to Noah and said, “The lightning dragon has joined our cause, pull out that card and let it seal itself don’t try to force it.”

Noah pulled the card out and the lightning dragon started flying over there. Noah’s heart was racing and he took a deep gulp. The dragon stopped right in front of Noah starred him down briefly, then transformed into a brilliant blue light as it went into the blank card. Afterwards Primordious helped Noah find his way back to the mountain top to retrieve his bag.

After they made it there, Primordious disappeared back into his card in a brilliant light. Noah used small fire spell Bran taught him to dry himself off quickly before checking his bag. Everything was still there and he now had an arsenal of 22 Elementals in his deck. He told Primordious that he should use the other 8 cards to acquire some wind Elementals too for diversity but Primordious said, “We will get more allies as we need them.”

Noah didn’t argue and put his bag on his back then flew down to the ground from the mountain. He was having fun with flying but he stopped doing it shortly after reaching the ground, it was gradually more taxing on him then regular walking was.

It took him a week to get out of the thunder plains, he saw numerous amounts of Elementals and avoided them but Primordious told him they wouldn’t attack him unless he provoked them. Noah didn’t fully believe him and went around them regardless. Primordious complained about this but only a little, he was too focused on navigating Noah safely out of there.

Once they made it to the ravine Noah didn’t bother looking for a bridge he just flew over it. Then he kept walking for almost another week until he saw Rasoras, way out to the northeast, and walked to it. Part of him was tempted to stop by Bran’s along the way but he felt it was too early for that.

When they finally made it to Rasoras Noah realized that the small secluded town did not have any card shops so he was unable to sell a couple extra cards to pay for a night at the inn. He slept in the alley because there was nowhere for him to go, it wasn’t bad. After he woke up Noah looked around him and started to laugh a little.

“What is it?” Primordious asked at Noah’s sudden hysteria.

“You know a couple times when I told people of my dreams to tame Elementals and fight in the pillar of elements sport they said I would end up having to sleep in the alley for shelter. They were partially right I suppose.”

Primordious said nothing and Noah moved on. He went through the town looking only ahead. Not a single person recognized him but when people would walk in front of him from time to time, he recognized them at least a little. They were some of the orphans he grew up with, still here exactly as he expected.

Not too far outside the small town on the road to Rozak city, Noah spotted an elder man who appeared to be having trouble with his small merchant cart. When he got to the elder man he realized the problem was that one of the wheels had come loose and fallen off and the man couldn’t lift the cart up to put the wheel back on: at least not on his own.

Noah offered to help and the elder man smiled and took a few steps back. Noah used a simple spell to build up a small part of the ground and tilt the cart up a little on one side then he put the wheel and used another earth spell to fasten a small rock ring around it to serve as a new bearing. The man stepped forward thanking Noah and holding his hand out, “My name is Tasil,” he said.

Noah took the elder man’s hand and shook saying, “Mine is Noah, nice to meet you.”

Tasil smiled and said, “I really owe you, I was afraid I would have had to walk all the way back to the town to find some help. Please if you’re on your way to Rozak allow me to offer you a ride it is the least I can do.”

Noah looked at the cart, it was pulled by only one horse and would be slower than walking but he ultimately decided he wouldn’t mind some human company as a break from only Primordious. “Yeah sure, I wouldn’t mind some company on my trip.” Noah said.

So the two climbed up front on the cart and Tasil whipped the reins once and they were off. After a small amount of time had passed Tasil had asked, “So what may I ask brings a young magician like yourself all the way near Rasoras and onto Rozak?”

“Actually I used to live in Rasoras, until I met my tutor and learned magic properly. I was just passing through Rasoras on my way from the thunder plains.”

“The thunder plains?!” Tasil asked incredulously.

“Yes, I went there to capture some Elementals. I’m going to Rozak to start competing in the pillar of elements sport.”

“How old are you son?”

“Twenty years of age.”

“My, my only twenty and you have already managed to go into the thunder plains and not only navigate safely but capture Elementals in there too; you must be really talented. You know my son was just a couple years older than you were when he started hunting Elementals, though you would never catch him even daring to go to the outskirts of that nightmarish land.”

After some long silence Tasil asked, “Do you have a belt for your cards?”

“I have a box, but I was thinking of just keeping the cards in my pockets before the matches.”

Tasil starred off into the distance lost in his own thoughts for a minute until saying, “No that will never do.” Then he stopped the horse and got down from the cart and went to the back. Noah asked what he was doing but Tasil only told him to wait a minute.

After a few minutes Tasil came back with a brown leather belt that had two rectangular pouches sewed on to the sides with a small flap over them and five much thinner slots sewed into the front. “Put your cards away in that, it’s much more convenient and proper than your pockets.”

Noah tried to say no but Tasil insisted upon it since he helped him with his cart. “Thanks” Noah said putting the belt into his lap. “Do you sell these things or are you a retired pillar of elements player?”

“Neither,” said Tasil. After a moment of silence he continued, “It was my sons, back when he used to compete in that sport. He uh, he was killed during a match when he was twenty-nine. My wife told me to get rid of the damn belt as I held on to it for something to remember him by but I could never find even a half decent excuse to get rid of it; until today.”

“I am sorry for your loss. I didn’t know people got killed during the matches, I know they can die hunting the Elementals but not during official matches.”

“Guess your master neglected to teach you that huh? Well it may be frowned upon but it it’s perfectly legal to kill your opponent during the match. Hell some sick bastards go only for the opponent as that’s often the easiest way to win.

“I tried to warn my son about that sort of thing but he didn’t listen. Was stubborn like his mom, but not very talented I’m afraid. He also got in way over his head, challenging someone far above his skill.”

Through the rest of the trip to Rozak Noah and Tasil held much lighter conversations. Sometimes Noah would tell him about his trip through the thunder plains, omitting certain things like Primordious, the ever life stone, and such. When they finally reached Rozak after two weeks the two said their goodbyes, but Tasil left Noah with some final advice; a warning. “Be careful,” the elder man said. “You can be killed in the arena or coliseum legally but if you make too much noise or are too reckless some people might try to kill you outside of the matches to take away some heavy competition for good.”

Noah thanked Tasil greatly for not only the belt but the advice as well. Then he went to the nearest shop and sold his remaining blank cards for ten crystals each. The blank cards normally were bought for at least eighty crystals so it was not a very fair deal but Noah needed the money for the inn, supplies, and to enter the arena.

It was night when he had arrived at town so the arena would be closed until tomorrow so his first stop after selling the cards was the market street. He bought a three weeks supply of food and water for 15 crystals. Then he went to stay at the inn which was 5 crystals a night, he booked a single room for five nights and unloaded his stuff in there. He had enough crystals for two matches in the arena so even if he lost his first match ever he could still enter again.

After his stuff was set out he pulled the cards out of their small box and laid them out on the little dresser in the room looking over their pictures and discussing strategies with Primordious. The ethereal told him not to show his strongest cards first and save them until much later. He put five of his cards, which were the strongest, in the front slots of his new belt which were now of easiest access. Primordious, the two electric serpents, the thunder colossus, and the lightning dragon

Then he split his remaining cards into two categories, offense and defense. On offense he put the thunder rams, 3 of the lightning tigers and one of the electric unicorns. On defense he had all the thunder birds because they were easy to summon and repelled most Elementals easier than they did for damaging them and the remaining lightning tigers and the unicorns.

All of these ideas were Primordious and Noah asked, “How do you know so much about tactics anyways?”

“War will teach you many things if you are strong enough to survive it.”

“War?” Noah asked.

Primordious was silent for a while until saying, “Use at least three or four of thunderbirds on defense directly back by the pillar for their most effective position. We will always summon them first as defenders and add more if necessary depending on the situation of the battle.

Then when we have our defense up summon the rams to charge first on offense, they can take the brunt of the attacks while we have either the tigers or if necessary the serpents behind them to aim for the pillar. We will use the unicorns as a distraction or shields for the attackers at times as long as they don’t die they will regenerate at great speeds.

You will stay back to command the elementals, I will help you as needed but you must learn to do this all yourself for I cannot help command when I must battle. Can you remember all of this?”

“You seriously have thought about all of this, and yes I can remember. But how do you know this strategy will work?”

“Hopefully in time you will learn to think about this sort of thing more often as well. And I have no doubts this strategy will far apart in moments when the battle begins.”

“Then why plan the strategy when it will fall right through?”

“Because no strategy ever fully works through in any battle, but having a plan, especially one well thought out with as much knowledge of your environment and your enemies, is useful to gain a much necessary step ahead of your enemies.”

Noah had fought with Bran almost daily when he was old enough, but he never thought about how he would get ahead of Bran before the battle. The thought never occurred to him, he only acted in the moment letting his instincts drive him and his experience guide him to victory. Perhaps if he had thought about the fight beforehand he would have won sooner.

“I suppose then there is no other way to know how well any of this planning will work out until tomorrow.” Noah said. Then he went to sleep, for tomorrow he would enter his first ever pillar of elements match at the arena.

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