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My Soul

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploratio

I guess it’s in me somewhere, hovering, waiting, perhaps between heartbeats, or underneath my breath, hiding where it can’t be seen, but wanting to escape with me, go somewhere, perhaps over the rainbow where bluebirds fly.   Sometimes, I wonder if it’s r...

My Intuition Speaks to Me

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

  Listen to me when I speak to you, tells you what you need to hear, whispers in your ear when others tell you what to do and you’re uncertain, on the fence, bewildered.   Close your eyes and listen to me with your heart; trust me more than you trust your...

My Mind

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

Sometimes I’m in a jungle tripping over vines, shoving my way through bushes, looking for a path, wondering if there is one and asking with every breath where am I?   Other times my mind is an eagle high above the trees and mountains, soaring over lakes,...

The Unexplainable

a poem of exploration from my collection Geography of the Mind

I haven't got a clue where the first waves began,the ones I'm walking through on this amazing day,and wish I knew how the sky became so blue,how these palm trees grew from seedsthat came from who knows where,or why I love to rhyme, make music with my word...

My Mind Is Like A River

from my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

Sometimes, the stars and moon and nighttime air are so perfect that being there in those moments is like being blessed, and I breathe them in as fully as I can and hold them in my heart and mind as a precious time, a sacred time when I feel the universe w...

Geography Of The Mind

a poem of exploration

What is this country in my mind I've wandered through for all these years, this land of hills and valleys, streams and rivers I have crossed, mountains I have climbed, forests, meadows, tangled jungles where I was lost but somehow found my way to this pla...

Caitlin's Time - Uncle Sean's Journey

Uncle Sean gets out of Antarctica, a romance blossoms and the girls are excited

The Twin Otter came to a stop, after taxiing at Christchurch International, and all aboard let out an explosive sigh of relief. Sean Regan went forward to speak to the flight crew. “Well done guys and thanks; but let’s not do that again huh?” “You got tha...

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Route 66 Open Road

Over the rolling hills the landscape ever changing

Route 66  Open RoadDriving down Route 66 with the sun to my back.Spring cool breeze blowing, though, nose picking upsweet scents of flowers.  Looking down the Speedoat 65.  Road sign read Gas 20 miles Visit Irv's.  Talkingto myself time to stretch my legs...

Carry On

"Then we'll carry on as we may."

Inspired by a posted in the forums by Bella85Tomorrow's light, Brings another day.Tears may fall, And darkness display.Truth be known, We're all made of clay.Hardened by fire, Glazed by dismay.One foot in darkness, The other in grey.Continuing our journey...


"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it." ~Charlie Chaplin~

Life is a journey. We travel it's paths. Though not always easy. It's always adventuresome. Sometime feeling alone.Encountering many challenges and obstacles. Our goal is to reach a certain destination. Many of us have several goals to reach. Some will re...

Guardian of the Light

He had to complete his quest, the world depended on it

He pulled his cloak over his head and brushed away a few errant flakes of snow from his shoulders. He breathed out a long breath into his cold, rough hands, this warmed them with incredible speed. He stepped out from the Coaching Inn into the day. His foo...