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A Random Moment: Part Five, First Date

A Random Moment: Part Five, First Date

Back to the cosy wee cafe and then...

Rufus finished his work and headed to the wee cosy cafe. He was excited about meeting Cynthia again, but nervous, too. He’d been working pretty hard that day, despite not having much to do. The computer he was inspecting was being a right bam. It was in such ill health, it took him all day just to reformat a hard drive and then there was the added hassle of having to reinstall all programs and configure them individually. His exhaustion was permitted, then. He just couldn’t wait to see Cynthia. It’s what kept him going, really.

Cynthia’s day wasn’t much better. She had had hundreds of customers complaining in her face and just generally being nutcases. Was it her fault that they didn’t know how to work their new appliance? ‘Idiots, maybe they should learn to read. Ooh, Rufus tonight, hehe, can‘t wait!’ she thought.

Rufus sat at the same table that the pair had sat at before and waited for Cynthia to arrive. When she walked in the door, he was really happy, that much was obvious.

“Cynthia! Hello, you look lovely.” He smiled and got up to kiss her hand.

“Aw, thanks, but I know I don’t!” That was the truth, she was all bedraggled from the howling wind and lashing rain.

“Well, you always look good, at least you have the few times I’ve seen you,” Rufus smiled.

“Charmer, you trying to make me blush?” Smiled Cynthia.

“Well, you are really very cute when you blush... So, we ordering?”

“Sure, whatcha havin’?” Cynthia tried to control her blush, but to no avail.

“I’ll just have a tea, please. You want me to come over to the counter with you?”

“No, it’s fine, just stay put.”


‘Charming sexy man,’ Cynthia thought.

When Cynthia returned, she had in her hand a tray holding two cups of tea and two giant slices of rather huge, yummy and decadent-looking chocolate fudge cake.

“Wow, that looks like quite the feast!” drooled Rufus.

“Yeah, it’s rather large, but the woman said it was pretty light and tasty. I think she’s just saying that because she baked it, though,” giggled Cynthia cutely.

“Well, here’s hoping it lives up to its yummy looking expectations.”


The random pair got on exceedingly well, sipping their teas and eating their cakes. Their knees kept bumping against one another under the table, which caused much excitement and blushing arising from said excitement.

They finished their tea and cake and kept giggling to, at and with one another.

“Can I ask you something?” A serious look came over Cynthia.

“Sure, g’head,” Rufus kept his calm exterior, whilst inside his heart was pounding.

“Is this a date?”

“Well, um...” Rufus scratched his head and looked about awkwardly “... do you want it to be?”

‘Rufus, how bloody lame can you be?’ he thought.

“Well, yeah. I mean, I know we only just met, but I like you and... well, you’re, um, fun to be around,” Cynthia blushed.

“Then a date it is! For the record, I think you’re pretty darned cool, too. Wanna go back to mine? Free tea and all that.”

“Uh, well, I dunno,” Cynthia hesitated.

As much as she fancied Rufus, she didn’t know if she could trust him yet. He seemed trustworthy enough, though.

“It’s cool, no pressure.”

“Actually, why not? If you turn out to be a deranged axe murderer, then at least I’ll die happy.”

“Cool, lemme just call a cab.”

Rufus got out his phone and called a cab. He really didn’t like talking on the phone, but sometimes it was just unavoidable.

“Right, that’s that, shall we?”


Rufus rolled a cigarette and light it up.

‘Should I tell her?’ he wondered. ‘If I don’t, she might end up finding out anyway. Damn, what do I do?’

Cynthia noticed his expression:

“Deep thoughts?”



“I need to tell you something and you’ve got to promise not to freak out, okay?”

“What is it? Got a body stashed or something?”

‘Something like that,’ he thought.

“Well, you see, I don’t live alone. Um, I need to tell you this, in case she doesn’t like it...”

“...She?” Cynthia cut Rufus off.

“Well, it feels a bit strange saying this... but, I’ve got a ghost. Her name is Amy and she’s pretty... Well, possessive, I guess you could say.”

“What a real live ghost? You ain’t shitting me, right?”

“No, I’m not, Ms Pun-maker.”

“Cool, can I meet her?”

The cab drew up and they got in, confirming that they were getting in the correct one.

“We’ll see. I’m not promising anything, despite her possessiveness, she’s pretty shy around new people.”

“I see, well, here’s hoping.”

The cab journey was fun, with elbow jabbing and shared personal jokes. The cab driver smiled.

‘Cute couple,’ he thought.

The cab finally rounded the corner and arrived at Rufus’ flat and he got out first and offered his hand to help Cynthia out of it and paid the driver.

‘Perfect gentleman,’ Cynthia smiled.

When they entered the flat, Amy was hiding, but Rufus could feel her presence.

“Cuppa tea?” Rufus offered Cynthia.


“Cool. Amy, don’t go scaring Cynthia, now!”

Rufus went to the kitchen with Cynthia following close behind and made preparations for the tea. Finally, Amy came out of hiding...
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