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Picture Prompt 2

He couldn't sleep and was sitting in the living room trying to find something on TV. Over 100 channels, he thought to himself, and there's still nothing to watch. It was now nearly midnight. His wife had already gone to bed earlier that evening. Turning off the TV, he rose to look out the window. The full moon's light illuminating the backyard.

Thinking a small walk would relax him. He went out the back door and toward the pathway into the woods. He knew the path well since he had made it last year. The path was for his grand-daughter. A place for them to walk through the woods. The full moon was there to light his way so he didn't take a flashlight.

The moons light cast eerie shadows across the path. As he walked down the familiar pathway he became aware that something was a little peculiar. There was no wind, it was totally calm. There were no night sounds in the woods either. No frogs, no coyotes, no owls, even the crickets are silent. Walking further into the woods he noticed of a soft glow coming from the distance. An icy blue light was shining somewhere ahead. Curious as to its origin, he continued down the path. He knew there was a clearing up ahead, perhaps someone was on his property without his knowledge.

The closer he came to the light, the more urgent his pace became. He became aware of a slight sound. It was not unlike that of a hum from transformer on a light pole. Only it was a little deeper. The closer he got, the sound became louder and the light intensified.

The clearing was about 50 yards off the path. It was downhill into a little valley. He was nearly running by this time. Although the brambles and thorns slowed him down during his decent, he kept running. Down the hill he continued trying to keep his footing. His foot caught a snag on the forest floor, which caused him to fall. His knee struck a rock tearing open his jeans and badly skinning his knee. As he got up, he inspected the ripped and could feel blood coming from his wound. Undaunted, he continued down the hill until rounding a small grove of trees that were blocking the light. And then he saw it.

Oh my God, he thought to himself. He had seen shows on TV documenting them, but he never thought they existed. There in front of him bathed in that icy blue light was a disc shaped object. Standing on three legs and about 40 feet across was what appeared to be a saucer shaped craft. He froze not knowing to approach the UFO or run.

The leaves started to flutter and the trees began to sway, but there were still no wind. He quickly glanced upward and saw a second saucer above him. Fright overtook him. He still couldn't move. Suddenly a shaft of piercing white light shined down upon him from the craft above. Fear over took every inch of his being. His whole body tensed. It was like a dream. Slowly he began to rise from the ground to the UFO above. That's the last thing he remembered.


He slowly became aware of his surroundings. It must be early the morning, he thought to himself. The sun was just rising in the east. He heard a car going by on the road as he picked himself off the forest floor. Staggering toward the road, he came out of the woods. Where am I, he thought. Looking up and down the road he recognized where he was. He figured he was at least 2 miles from his house. Four miles easy, if I walk the road. He had no idea how he got there or even what time it was. He looked at his watch, but it had stopped. 12:15 is what was on the dial. Odd, he thought again. It was a self-wind model and it should have kept running. He took the watch off his wrist and banged against the palm of his hand. But he couldn't feel the pendulum inside swinging to wind the watch.

Then he remembered some details from the night before. Remembered walking into the woods and that icy blue light. He remembered falling and ripping his jeans. He checked the legs of his trousers, but there was no rip. Rolling the pant leg up there was no wound on his knee. He tried to recall some more of last night's events, but after that the details are fuzzy. He turned to walk down the road towards house, when he felt a small itch on his left arm. Thinking some insect had crawled up his arm while he laid on the forest floor. He unbuttoned the cuff of his shirt and rolled it up.

What he found there was no insect. There is a small capsule sized lump in his arm. It was throbbing up and down and there was a faint blue light glowing from under his skin. Blinking off and on within his arm. The same icy blue light he recalled from last night.

The light slowly faded from within his arm and the capsule sized lump receded. Quickly running his hand over his arm, there was nothing there. The only thing he could think of as he stood there was, What happened to me last night!

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